The Falconeer Gets New Free Update Introducing the Kraken

The Falconeer

Game developer Tomas Sala has recently released a brand-new free update for popular video game The Falconeer.

The new update introduces a new enemy to fight, the Kraken. Players will be fighting this new monster and based from the video it seems that they will be able to use a small submarine. They will also be exploring a lot of new areas too and find wrecks, treasures, and more.

Aside from the new content, fixes and improvements have been introduced with this new free update. According to Eurogamer, the update adds new tutorial missions that better explain some of the game’s systems. Interface and effects improvements are added too.

Combat is smoother now thanks to the update, which makes it easier for players to contend with the game’s difficulty. Enemy AI has been improved as well and knows how to roll now.

The Falconeer is now available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Thanks Eurogamer!

Here’s the new trailer: