The First Descendant will be released this July 2 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

NEXON announced that The First Descendant, NEXON Games’ Co-Op Looter Shooter, will be available Free-to-Play across PC via Steam, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One and Series X|S on July 2, 2024.

The announcement was made within a brand-new cinematic trailer, created in the recently updated Unreal Engine 5, which featured major Descendants dropping into the fight, coming face-to-face with new foes, and meeting some new allies along the way. The latest trailer not only highlights the thrilling action and cooperative gameplay that players can experience, but it reveals new characters and bosses that will be introduced at launch and through post-launch updates.

After concluding its cross-play Open Beta in September 2023, game producer Lee Beomjun and director Minseok Joo have been regularly sharing key development updates through Dev Talks and Dev Notes, including top-requested enhancements and game features like mission variety, user interface improvements and further optimized graphics. NEXON is excited to officially share the full title with players next month and will be sharing more launch details subsequently. Please stay tuned to The First Descendant’s official YouTube channel and News Page for new Dev Talks and additional updates coming soon.

The First Descendant will launch on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this July 2, 2024.

Source: Press Release

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