The Game Awards Officially Confirmed Still Coming This Year Fully Online

The Game Awards 2019

Show Host and Producer Geoff Keighley recently confirmed that the upcoming The Game Awards will still go through this year.

The Game Awards 2019 logo

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was worried that the upcoming yearly awards event will be cancelled. Keighley assured the fans that even though it takes a different form, the event will still continue. This time around it will be fully online.

Talking with gaming publication IGN, Keighley revealed that the upcoming event will continue to transpire later this year. He did not reveal the specific date for it to show, it does seem to still continue the same schedule like the previous ones. It is possible it will take place this coming December.

This time around the show will entirely be online, but it will still be live and will not be pre-recorded. What it means that while the host and other participants will still be there in the location, the audience will be the whole world in online format.

Source: IGN