The King of Fighters XV Team Samurai DLC Release Date Announced

Haohmaru and the gang arrive next month!

SNK Corporation is proud to announce The King of Fighters XV Team Samurai DLC release date.

The King of Fighters XV Team Samurai Release Date

According to SNK, Team Samurai will arrive in KOF XV this coming October 4, 2022. This new DLC will include three new characters from the Samurai Shodown game, which are Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger.


the king of fighters xv team samurai haohmaru

Haohmaru is a traveling swordsman determined to master the way of the sword. He is a bold and free-spirited fighter who hates cowardice, and travels from country to country, sake in hand, in search of a match with anyone who can put up a real fight. In order to help his friend Nakoruru, and to fight with new and formidable opponents, he travels far beyond time and space and lands on the KOF stage. (Voice actor: Daiki Nakamura)


A Kamuy warrior with the mystical ability to communicate with the great outdoors, Nakoruru devoted herself to protecting nature and became a spirit of the earth. She returns to the present day with Haohmaru and Darli in order to prevent the full resurrection of Verse and to exorcise the evil spirit that lurks within. (Voice actress: Mai Nakahara)


Darli Dagger is a shipwright who runs a workshop on an island. In addition to her own monstrous strength, she fights using the technical skills she inherited from being a carpenter and the self-defense wisdom she learned from pirates. She sets out together with Haohmaru in helping Nakoruru with her mission. More exciting than seeing the latest developments in ship building, Darli readies her blade for some intense battles that await! (Voice actress: Yu Kobayashi)

Total Number of Characters

With the addition of Haohmaru, Darli Dagger, and Nakoruru, the roster now consists of more than 54 playable characters. There are more characters planned to be added in the future.

The King of Fighters XV is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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