Outbreak Day Renamed The Last of Us Day in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200602164111

Game studio Naughty Dog has recently announced on social media that on Sept. 26, the event happening celebrating The Last of Us franchise will be renamed.

The Last of Us Part II

Due to the global pandemic happening these days, Naughty Dog has made some changes in order to respect that. Sept. 26 is a significant day for the fans of the franchise since it is the day when the game’s fictional outbreak started. It is usually called Outbreak Day, but the studio has renamed it to The Last of Us Day instead.

In its Twitter account, the developer thought it was not right to continue with the festivities with the name Outbreak Day when COVID-19 is still happening. So the name has changed, but they will still celebrate what it stands for like the usual on that same day.

Naughty Dog did not say what they have planned for the gaming community, but they did say there will a lot of exciting things. In previous years, they shared free PS4 themes, limited edition art, merchandise, and so much more. With the pandemic hanging around, who knows what they have in store for us this time around.