The Last of Us Part 1 PC Coming in March 2023

We have a release date for PC version!

Naughty Dog has recently announced the official release date of The Last of Us Part 1 PC.

During The Game Awards 2022, developer Naughty Dog snuck in a small insignificant detail into their Accolades trailers for The Last of Us Part 1 PC launch date announcement. The game is set to release on PC on March 3rd, 2023.

Pre-purchasing the game now on Steam and Epic Games will net the following:


Pre-purchase to receive these in-game items:

  • Bonus Supplements
    Used to increase attributes such as max health, crafting speed, listen mode distance, healing speed, and improve weapon sway
  • Bonus Weapon Parts
    Used to upgrade weapons and craft weapon holsters when you are at a work bench
the last of us part 1 pc

The game is currently out on PS5.

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