The Last of Us Part 1 – Tommy’s Dam Collectibles Locations

A complete guide on finding all Tommy's Dam Collectibles in The Last of Us Part 1 Remake.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Tommy's Dam Collectibles Locations

Wondering how to obtain all of The Last of Us Part 1 Tommy’s Dam Collectibles? Here, we’ll show you where to look for every memento you can find as you explore the post-apocalyptic cities of America.

The Last of Us Part 1: Chapter 7 (or Tommy’s Dam) is broken up into two parts: Hydroelectric Dam and Ranch House. Read on, and we’ll break down exactly when and where each collectible can be found, from start to finish.

All Tommy’s Dam Collectibles Locations

The Last of Us Part 1 Tommy’s Dam contains 2 Artifacts, 2 Firefly Pendants, 1 Training Manual, and 2 Comics (does not include any tool upgrades).

As such, these are all the Tommy’s Dam collectibles you can obtain in sequence:

  • Foreign Element Comic
  • Power Plant Map
  • Smoke Chemistry Training Manual
  • Oliverio’s Firefly Pendant
  • Plant Schematics
  • B. Pino’s Firefly Pendant
  • Zero Point Comic
Foreign Element Comic - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
Foreign Element Comic

Foreign Element Comic

Tommy’s Dam begins with Joel and Ellie’s arrival in Jackson County. You’ll take a path until you reach a cliff, and then you’ll have to climb down to another path down by the river.

Just before going under the bridge, on the uphill right, you’ll see an overturned car. Next to it is the Foreign Element Comic.

Power Plant Map - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
Power Plant Map

Power Plant Map

Just before entering the power plant, follow the path until you encounter a bulldozer on your left.

Keep going left until you reach a guard post. You need to go inside to grab the Power Plant Map artifact that’s been pinned up on a bulletin board.

Smoke Chemistry Training Manual - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
Smoke Chemistry Training Manual

Smoke Chemistry Training Manual

Following the reunion cutscene, you’ll be able to walk and converse with Tommy until he directs your attention to the two engineers studying the plant schematics in the control room.

Move a little bit ahead to the left of the man seated at the control panel. You’ll spot the Smoke Chemistry Training Manual sitting on top of the flipped locker.

Oliverio's Firefly Pendant - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
Oliverio’s Firefly Pendant

Oliverio’s Firefly Pendant

Proceed on following Tommy until you reach the room where the engineers are fixing the turbine. After they’ve restored the electricity, go down the stairs and proceed to the ground level.

Once below, take a left and enter the door under the control room. You’ll find Oliverio’s Firefly Pendant on the floor behind a turbine to your right.

Plant Schematics - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
Plant Schematics

Plant Schematics

Return to Tommy and watch the cutscene. Bandits will eventually storm the power facility when Joel and Tommy finish their conversation.

During the bandit attack, on your way out, stop by the table where the engineers were studying the Plant Schematics. You can now pick up the artifact.

B. Pino's Firefly Pendant - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
B. Pino’s Firefly Pendant

B. Pino’s Firefly Pendant

Joel and Tommy will be pursuing Ellie, and you’ll eventually stop by and head inside a Ranch House.

Once you’re inside, head to the back right of the first floor, past the kitchen and living room. You’ll find B. Pino’s Firefly Pendant sitting on top of an old fashioned desk with a lamp on top of it.

Zero Point Comic - Last of Us Part 1 Tommy's Dam Collectible
Zero Point Comic

Zero Point Comic

Now head upstairs and immediately turn into the first room on your left.

You’ll find the Zero Point Comic on a desk by the window.

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