The Last of Us Part 3 Leaks Reveals Info on New Characters

Ellie also has an important role in the sequel.

The Last of Us Part II

New The Last of Us Part 3 leaks of the supposedly upcoming video game sequel have some interesting new information.

The Last of Us franchise has been the center of many rumors and speculations for many years now and more pop up even now. Since the online multiplayer version has been delayed indefinitely, rumors about that game are currently on hold. This time, new leaks on an upcoming sequel have been spotted online, which will be quite interesting to fans who want to know what happens to their favorite and hated characters after Part 2.

The Last of Us Part 3 Leaks Reveal New Survivors

The new leak was reportedly leaked recently coming from two internet sources who are known for their scoops on Marvel TV shows and movies. Leaker DanielRPK revealed that The Last of Us Part 3 will introduce five new characters, who are Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra, and Gracie.

The five mentioned characters are reportedly going to be part of the “scavengers”, a group of people surviving on the outskirts of a post-apocalyptic city. They reportedly live inside a Victorian house and use that as their base.

The leaker described Lucas as an “affable” character who develops a relationship with another scavenger and will show his dark side at a later time. It is speculated that Gracie is the one he gets in a relationship with.

Mason is a former soldier who must choose between his loyalty to other characters in the group when Val gets put in charge. Val is speculated to be the leader of the group of survivors.

Lastly, the villain of the story is Ezra whose goal is to take over the house from Val.

Ellie Comes Back

The other leaker, ViewerAnon, claims that Ellie will have an important role in this sequel just as she was in Part 2. No word yet if Abby or Lev will be coming back.

The Last of Us Part 3 is currently in development.