The Last of Us Part 3 Outline Already Done; Druckmann Hopeful It Can See the Light of Day

In a recent episode of the Script Apart podcast, Game Director Neil Druckmann has revealed that The Last of Us Part 3 outline is already done.

The Last of Us Part II dogs

Druckmann shared that a Part 3 is definitely in the cards and that its outline is already one.

“I don’t know how much I want to reveal and I did write an outline for a story, that we’re not making” Druckmann shared. “But I hope one day can see the light of day – that explores a little bit what happens after this game. We’ll see.”

Druckmann talked more about the possible sequel and if it would become a possibility, he would want to keep on the same path as he did with TLOU2 in terms of structural and thematic themes.

For fans of the series, this is wonderful news for them since the story of Ellie is still not done. There is also a possibility it would continue the story of the controversial character Abby.

What do you guys think? Are you happy that there is already an outline for The Last of Us Part 3 or is it time to finally stop? Let us know in the comments section!

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