The Last of Us Part I Launch Trailer Exudes Extreme Violence

Re-encounter the violent experiences, encounters, and more.

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment have recently released ahead of launch The Last of Us Part I launch trailer and it packs a lot of violence.

The Last of Us Part I Launch Trailer

The new launch trailer showcases the various violent scenes that the game had in the original versions and now in the remade version. It all starts with a rather extreme situation where Joel is torturing an enemy while looking for Ellie. When the prisoner refuses to answer, he quickly makes him “talk”, which was quite effective.

Joel and Ellie’s Violent Encounters

On the other side of the spectrum, the video shows Ellie and her adventures through some ruined buildings and encounters with some undesirables. And those undesirables include humans and Clickers who are out for her blood. She has to defend herself and when push comes to shove, it is time to stick that shiv into someone, or something’s thorax and keep them dead. She is also shown to be quite proficient with the bow and distracting enemies with empty bottles.

Fans are now super excited to re-experience the game again with new visuals, improved gameplay, and more with this new version.

the last of us part i launch trailer

The Last of Us Part I launches on September 2, 2022, on PS5. It will launch sometime on PC.