The Last of Us Part II to Get Two New Difficulty Settings Including Permadeath

The Last of Us™ Part II_20200602183319

Game developer Naughty Dog has recently updated the Trophies list for video game The Last of Us Part II, which hints of two new changes in it.

The two new trophies were recently spotted by Twitter user @PowerPyx. These are DLC trophies, which meant they are not required to unlock Platinum. These trophies are Dig Two Graves, which is rewarded to players who complete the game on Grounded difficulty. The other is You Can’t Stop This, which can be acquired by completing the game on Permadeath difficulty.

Permadeath is quite self-explanatory. If a character dies mid-journey, players will need to restart the game again. This will also mean the difficulty will be the hardest with enemies more difficult to take down and challenges harder to overcome.

Grounded originally came from the first game. It disabled several features that players might depend too much on normal difficulty settings like hearing and the HUD. It will also turn up the level of enemy damage and supplies will be more limited compared to the current hardest difficulty.

Since the DLC trophies are now live, the upcoming update that will introduce the two new difficulty settings will be coming soon.

The Last of Us Part II is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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