Grounded Gets New Insects To Interact With Newest Update

Wasps have invaded!

Obsidian has recently released a new update to Grounded introducing a brand-new insect type and more.

Grounded update 1.2 was recently released and it has introduced brand new content for the game. One of the biggest content to get added is the introduction of wasps and drones. Players will have to battle with these new insects and sometimes raid their nests to get some new resources. Be careful though as the whole hive might come back for revenge. There is also a new creature boss, the Wasp Queen, and those who can defeat the wasps can unlock new items to craft like a new armor set and a new trinket.

The update also introduces the Handy Gnat, which can be summoned to help players with anything. It can build using plants, stems, and other resources from the stockpile. This feature will be default available in Creative and Creative with Bugs game modes. To activate this in Survival game modes, players must convert their games into Custom Games in the Game Settings menu.


The turrets have been changed too. The developers combined the Pebblet Turret and the Pollen Turrent to make the Acorn Turret. This turret uses different ammo types depending on the enemy they are fighting.

There is also the new Base Coziness system that got added where the buildings, furniture, and decorations now add to the coziness level of the base. Unlock the levels of coziness to unlock specific decorative building recipes.

Lastly, Grounded has been verified for Steam Deck support. Players who wanted to play the game on the go can now do so and still enjoy the support on Steam Deck. To celebrate, the game will host a free weekend on Steam starting April 27 to May 1, 2023.

Grounded is out now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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