The Last of Us Part II Digital Purchase Now Available for Preload

Several digital edition buyers of upcoming video game The Last of Us Part II got a prompt recently to preload the game now.

Some might have noticed already on their PlayStation 4 console units by now that if they have purchased a digital copy of the game, it is now starting to download. This means it is now ready for preload and will be playable on the release date of the game. This is to accommodate the time of the players who might not have very fast download speeds and needs a lot of time to do it. This is good news since it is just one week more until release.

According to those who have started downloading the game, the size of the game is 95 GB. This is a bit large and it does make sense since it is a rather big game to play.

The Last of Us Part II will launch on June 19 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Check out our review here.

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