The Last Of Us Part II, Iron Man VR Games Refunded By Sony From PS Store

After the announcement from game studio Naughty Dog, supposedly upcoming video game The Last of Us Part II has been pulled from the PlayStation Store. Iron Man VR also had the same thing happen.

The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR now gone from PS Store

Game company Sony has recently removed the two games from PS Store after it was confirmed that both were delayed indefinitely. Anyone who has pre-ordered either game digitally can get a full refund from the company.

The official page for the PlayStation Support states that the refunds will be handled automatically, so there is no need for account members to go to the contact support page for it. Members will get an email soon from the company.

The only remnants of both games are only avatars and themes that were released earlier to hype the titles up. No details yet when these games will get new release dates unfortunately. Naughty Dog did say before that they are looking for other options to release the game, but it will not be soon. The press demo is not an option, sadly.

Thanks VG247.