The Last of Us Part II Pre-Alpha Gameplay Shows A Very Different Shambler

That is one weird way to "expel" spores.

A new pre-alpha gameplay of controversial video game The Last of Us Part II shows a prototype version of a certain infected.

In TLOU2, new Infected variations have been introduced and one of them are the Shamblers. These are the type of Infected that have been in that state for several years and usually live in areas with water. They expel spore clouds from their bodies that are acidic and burn the skin of their victims. When they get killed, they expel the last of their spores and try to damage their opponents in one last attempt.

The prototype version from the pre-alpha gameplay looked a lot weirder than the final version. In the pre-alpha gameplay, it is shown that Ellie is trying to kill these Shamblers, but instead of their whole upper body covered with spores, it is their butt that expels the spores (for some weird reason. Hemorrhoids, maybe?) If they get killed, they plank down and raise their butts in the air to expel the spores.

Yes, it is that weird of thing. Thank Naughty Dog for changing that concept and not following The Last of Us Part II pre-alpha gameplay version of Shamblers.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4 and backwards compatible with the PS5.