The Last of Us Remake Reportedly Launching Soon This Year

Jeff Grubb believes the guys behind Part 2 were the ones to develop the remake.

the last of us remake

A new report claims that The Last of Us Remake is going to be released later this year.

The Last of Us Remake Launch Window Revealed?

During the latest Kinda Funny Gamescast episode, Jeff Grubb was a guest sharing information about what he knew in the latest gaming scene. They were talking various topics in the show and at one point was discussing about what will be happening next year. They were pondering the question “Will 2023 be the best year in video games?” and brought up several titles that could be released at that time.

At one point, one of the speakers mentioned The Last of Us Remake, which he speculated it could come out next year. Grubb then interjected (at 41:00 minute mark) and said he heard otherwise. He believes that the anticipated remake is going to be released this coming holidays 2022. This surprised everyone since they thought it would take Naughty Dog longer since it is a remake, which meant the game was going to be built back from the ground up with new resources.

the last of us remake

Naughty Dog a “Well-Oiled Machine”

Grubb claims Naughty Dog had a lot of time and they wanted to do this remake. He revealed that the guys who did Last of Us Part 2 suddenly had nothing to do and had the idea to make this remake and the rest of the Naughty Dog staff picked it up to complete the whole thing. He describes the studio as “a well-oiled machine” that can easily pump out games especially those who already have an established story and just needed a revamp aka a remake.

Again, no official word from Naughty Dog to confirm all of this. Take it with a grain of salt for now.

The Last of Us Remake allegedly in the works and possibly releasing this coming holiday 2022.