The Last of Us – Review

A very interesting and much anticipated game for my debut review. Compare to Shakespeare’s Tragedy and thrilling episodes of The Walking Dead, this game would really put your heart pounding and hate the entire plot itself. The Last of Us, developed by the creators of Uncharted, will always give a teary eye for most gamers out there. Believe me, I myself was in dire need of forcing my tears to stop falling at some point.

Platform Reviewed: PS3
Platforms Available: PS3, PS4 (Remastered)
Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: June 14, 2013
Price: $9.99 (PS3 Store)

The narrative surrounds a heartfelt brutal journey for Joel and Tess to deliver a 14-year-old girl Ellie in exchange for arms and ammos, which would end up with on unfortunate events along their journey. The antagonist and plot twists in the game can really make yourself drowned into The Last of Us. It has good quality graphics and would put yourself into the game which you would really enjoy at the same time.

For a post-apocalyptic zombie-themed game, The Last of Us has an atmosphere that would really scare the hell out of you that would stop you from going to dark places. There are simple puzzle mechanics, just like Uncharted, you would definitely enjoy. One of that example is the part where Ellie doesn’t know how to swim, and you have to find a way to help her through the place that is drowned by water.

I wasn’t expecting the game would have a crafting system which would mean a critical part to survive in The Last of Us. Crafting grenades and melee weapons are very essential. Weapons and ammos are very efficient as well since you will be able to loot items, and it encourages you to approach a situation in various style whether it’s stealth (which is very nice and effective against both humans and zombies) or the direct war approach will really put your cardio and shooting style to test. Bricks and bottles are used for luring zombies at certain areas or can be used as a weapon to throw at humans enemies.

The game also has a simple Map and it’s easy to proceed with your task along the journey since it’s linear. You will be able to play both Joel and Ellie in the story. My favourite part of the game is when I get to control Ellie. I’m really into bow and arrows for hunting (like Horizon’s Aloy). During a stage where it’s winter, she came across with other survivors who were looking for food and supplies which later on you will be surprised for what’s going to happen. For first-timers in a game like this on a console, it has a very versatile control scheme that will make it easier for players to adjust. Your companions in the game also have better AI than the other games I played so far, they will really help you along the way.

Overall, you will be able to notice some few gameplay from Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The sense of adventure and the great combat. You will be able to experience shooting a few zombies while hanging upside down, which was also a really good experience. For me, Joel really reminds me of Nathan Drake (Uncharted) as well. The Last of Us is a successful game that I would really suggest for everyone to play.

I recommend The Last of Us to my friends and also to you guys. It has amazing gameplay and outstanding graphics that would really satisfy you. A must-play title, and I can only imagine the pressure on Naughty Dog for The Last of Us Part II. Experiencing the story of the game was a memorable experience. It’s a well spent time and a highly recommended game for all gamers with new and old consoles (PS3, PS4). They already have a PS4 remastered version of The Last of Us which has better quality.

Scores only apply to games reviewed within 1 year of its release.

METACRITIC: 95/100 (from 98 critics)