The Legend of Heroes Kuro no Kiseki Official Box Art Revealed

Also check out these screenshots.

Nihon Falcom has recently released the official box art for upcoming video game sequel The Legend of Heroes Kuro no Kiseki.

This is the first time that the official box art has been revealed to the public. It features all of the major characters that will be joining the protagonist Van Arkide in their big adventures in Calvard. The characters in the box art are as follows:

The Legend of Heroes Kuro no Kiseki
Official box art
  • Van Arkide
  • Agnes Claudel
  • Feri Al-Fayed
  • Aaron Wei
  • Risette Twinings
  • Quatre Salision
  • Judith Ranster
  • Bergard Zeman

Aside from that box art, some leaked images were released recently. Check them out below:

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki launches on PlayStation 4. Japan will have it on September 30, 2021 while East Asia gets it in Winter 2021.