The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some tips to help you on your platinum run for The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure

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The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure has long been considered a favorite among The Legend of Heroes fans. Despite releasing on the PSP back in 2011, the game grow quite a following thanks to its story and characters. Now that game is finally getting a current-gen release, it’s time we talk about the game’s trophies.

In this The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure trophy guide, we’ll give you some helpful tips on your way to getting Platinum for the game. And as always, just cause a game demands step-by-step precision for efficiency, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way.

There are 57 trophies to earn in The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 4 Silver trophies
  • 50 Bronze trophies

The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Liberator of Crossbell: Mastered Trails to Azure and earned every trophy

Gold trophies

  • Nightmare on East Street: Completed the game on nightmare difficulty
  • Forged in Battle: Brought the Steel Maiden to her knees

Silver trophies

  • No Hard Feelings?: Completed the game on hard or nightmare difficulty
  • One in a Vermillion: Defeated Vermillion
  • From Zero to Azure: Completed the Finale, “The Path We Chose.”
  • The Girls Are Alright: Forged a strong bond with KeA, Fran, Cecile, Ilya, and Sully

Bronze trophies

  • An Enigma No More: Learned how to use the Enigma II
  • Superlative Slaying Squad: Collected all information in the Combat Notebook
  • Hometown Hero: Completed all quests
  • Walking on Sunshine: Collected all volumes of Sunshine Agnes
  • Trails to Treazure: Opened every treasure chest
  • Order in the Quartz: Collected all quartz
  • Decorated Officers: Collected all decorations and Enigma covers
  • Tender Loving Car: Collected all oral car customization options
  • Undebaitable Angler: Caught all fish
  • Zhang Hui Would Be Proud: Obtained all recipes
  • Serve and Perfect: Created all supreme dishes
  • Gehenna’s Kitchen: Created all peculiar dishes
  • Mira Mira on the Wall: Had one million mira or more
  • Search and Leisure: Played for over 100 hours
  • The Phantom Menace: Scored at least 4,000 points on the Horror Coaster
  • Pom Party Grandmaster: Defeated all opponents in Pom! Pom! Party!
  • Petty Monst-emeanor: Achieved 100 victories in battle
  • Right to Remain Violent: Achieved 500 victories in battle
  • Voluntary Monslaugher: Achieved 1,000 victories in battle
  • Writ of Habeas Corpses: Defeated over 2,000 enemies
  • Flash Mob: Achieved 100 pre-emptive attacks
  • Break It Up: Used 100 S-Breaks
  • I’mma Let You Finish: Canceled 100 enemy arts or crafts
  • 4.0 Average: Won a battle with a tactical bonus of x4.00 or more
  • Three-peat Beat: Won a chain of three consecutive battles
  • Octa-GONE: Defeated 8 enemies at once
  • Sixteen Going on Severing: Defeated 16 enemies in a single battle
  • Burst on the Scene: Activated Burst 50 times
  • Strong Arms of the Law: Acquired the strongest weapon for any character
  • Masterful Artistry: Gain access to all seven master arts
  • The Last Orbender: Became able to sue each element’s strongest art at the same time
  • Peerless Heroes: Raised Lloyd, Elie, Tio, and Randy to level 120
  • Co-op Clobbering: Learned every combo craft
  • Pride of the Precinct: Became a 1st Class Senior Detective
  • Terminal Diagnosis: Analyzed every D∴G cult terminal
  • Grim Realization: Deduced Mr. Grimwood’s role as the mastermind
  • A Demon Twice Removed: Completed the Prologue, ‘Traces of D’
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mine: Completed Chapter 1, ‘Bright Skies, Gathering Storms’
  • Tower of Terror: Completed Chapter 2, ‘The West Zemuria Trade Conference’
  • Rest of Revolution: Completed the Intermission, ‘A Brief Respite’
  • The Distant Flames: Completed Chapter 3, ‘Budding Turmoil’
  • The World Beyond the Mirror: Completed Chapter 4, ‘Crossbell’s Fate’
  • The Prison of Hard Knox: Completed the Fragments, ‘Crossing False Paradise’
  • Fine-Elie Together: Forged a strong bond with Elie
  • Plato-nic Ideal: Forged a strong bond with Tio
  • Randy for Randy: Forged a strong bond with Randy
  • Seeker, Found: Forged a strong bond with Noel
  • Heavenly Host: Forged a strong bond with Wazy
  • Mao Than a Feeling: Forged a strong bond with Rixia
  • Detective Do-Right: Forged a strong bond with Dudley

Hidden Trophies

  • Superlative Slayhing Squad
  • Hometown Hero
  • Walking on Sunshine
  • Order of the Quartz
  • Decorated Officers
  • Tender Loving Car
  • Zhang Hui Would Be Proud
  • Serve and Perfect
  • Gehenna’s Kitchen
  • The Phantom Menace
  • Porn Party Grandmaster
  • Voluntary Monslaughter
  • Writ of Habeas Corpses
  • Strong Arms of the Law
  • Masterful Artistry
  • The Last Orbender
  • Co-op Clobbering
  • Pride of the Precinct
  • Terminal Diagnosis
  • Grim Realization
  • One in a Vermillion
  • Forged in Battle
  • A Demon Twice Removed
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mine
  • Tower of Terror
  • Rest and Revolution
  • The Distant Flames
  • The World Beyond the Mirror
  • The Prison of Hard Knox
  • From Zero to Azure
  • Fine-Elie Together
  • Plato-nic Ideal
  • Randy for Randy
  • Seeker, Found
  • Heavenly Host
  • Mao Than a Feeling
  • Detective Do-Right
  • The Girls Are Alright

We hope you have free time cause the trophy run for the Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure is a time commitment and a half. And we’re not just talking about the Search and Leisure Bronze trophy. If you’re intent on getting the Platinum for this game, you will most likely be pouring in more than 100 hours into the game.

At the very least, you are looking two complete playthroughs with one of them being on the hardest difficulty setting. It also can’t be avoided on account of the New Game+ bosses you will need to face near the end of the game. The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure New Game+ introduces a half dozen or so difficult boss battles in familiar areas.

To ease the grinding process, it is highly advisable for you to make a habit of scanning enemies as they appear. As you’re exploring the world, using Detection Quartz is going to be necessary to locate every chest in the game and earn the Trails to Treazure Bronze trophy. Be careful about opening random chests, some of them are powerful monsters in disguise.

Here’s a list of recipes you need to collect in order to get the Zhang Hui Would Be Proud bronze trophy. (To unlock the Serve and Perfect and Gehenna’s Kitchen trophies, you’ll need to create all the supreme and peculiar dishes, respectively.)

  • Dragon Friend Rice
  • Mixed Gelato
  • Bellyful Hotpot
  • Rich Cappuccino
  • Fresh Sandwich
  • Light Burger
  • Fried Fish
  • Milk Potage
  • Chef’s Special Omelet Rice
  • Smooth Almond Jelly
  • ‘Tide of Plenty’ Hotpot
  • Braised Stew
  • Select Matcha Latte
  • Rainbow Cotton Candy
  • Herb Pasta
  • Light Popcorn
  • Peddler’s Noodles
  • Stamina Steak
  • Sweet Chocolate
  • Piping-Hot Cheese Pizza
  • Pinky Rose
  • Picnic Lunchbox
  • Medicinal Mapo Tofu

Here’s a list of fish you need to catch to unlock the Undebaitable Angler bronze trophy, what you need to catch them, and where to find them. (Note that some fish are locked until you’ve progressed the story further.)

  • Residential District:
    • Turtle – Dumplings Bait
    • Carp – Dumplings or Earthworm Bait
    • Salamander – Earthworm Bait
    • Kasagin – Red Flies
    • Gladiator – Roe
  • Harbor District:
    • Gluttonous Bass – Earthworm Bait
    • Snow Crab – Earthworm Bait
    • Fighter – Red Flies
    • Azelfish – Red Flies
    • Arowana – Kasagin Bait
    • Trout – Deluxe Dumplings Bait
    • Salmon Deluxe Dumplings Bait
  • Mainz Mountain Path Stream:
    • Raineater – Eathworm Bait
    • Rockeater – Earthworm Bait
    • Rainbow Trout – Deluxe Dumplings
  • Armorica Village:
    • Armorican Carp – Dumplings or Deluxe Dumplings Bait
    • Tiger Rockfish – Earthworm Bait
  • Boat House:
    • Adamanturtle – Dumplings Bait
    • Norble Carp – Deluxe Dumplings Bait
  • St. Ursula Medical College:
    • Piranha – Kasagin Bait
    • Eel Earthworm Bait
    • Pirarucu – Snow Crab Bait
  • The Sewers:
    • Catfish – Snow Crab Bait

Once you have 29 fish, you are now eligible to challenge Triton the Silver Orca. Winning this challenge will get you the remaining fish you need to get this The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure trophy.

And finally, here’s a list of where you can all Sunshine Agnes chapters and in which chapter.

  • Chapter 1 Day 1
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 1 – Manager Juan
  • Chapter 1 Day 2
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 2 – Miner Logy
  • Chapter 2 Day 1
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 3 – Imelda at the Antique Store
  • Chapter 2 Day 2
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 4 – Pete at the Grimwood Law offices
  • Chapter 2 Day 3
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 5 – Alfred at the Armirca Villages Ash Tree Inn
  • Intermission
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 6 – Exchanged cat food with the cat at Southwest Hill
  • Chapter 3 Day 1
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 7 – Musha at the cemetery at Crossbell Cathedral
  • Chapter 3 Day 2
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 8 – Guardsman Dahlia at the Bellguard Gate roof
  • Chapter 3 Day 3
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 9 – Deputy Commander Douglas at Tangram Gate
  • Chapter 4 Day 1
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 10 – Joey at the roof of Orchis Tower
  • Chapter 4 Day 2
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 11 – Macy at the Acacia Apartments
  • Final Chapter
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 12 – Luka at the Der Ziegel Inn
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 13 – Farrah at St. Ursula Medical College
    • Sunshine Agnes Chapter 14 – Exchanged for Kagemaru Hood, Haori, and Sandals

And that’s all we have for right now in this The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure trophy guide. There are more collectibles trophies to cover here but we believe we’ve covered some of the major ones. Good luck out there, trophy hunters.

Check out the launch trailer for The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure courtesy of the PlayStation Youtube channel.

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