The Loot Boxes In Middle-earth Shadow Of War Is A ‘Good Fit’ According To Devs

We’ve seen a lot of backlash and negative reactions to Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s inclusion of microtransactions. But according to the Vice President of Creative, Michael de Plater, loot boxes are actually a good fit for Shadow of War.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Michael de Plater discussed that they want people to keep playing Shadow of War for a “long time” and that’s through these loot boxes that provides an infinite variety of Orcs and some other enemies which the player can create.

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We want people to be playing this game for a long, long time. In addition to that, one of our key features is almost an infinite variety of Orcs and enemies you can create. The ability to go to a market and play with that system and purchase additional Orcs like that felt like a really good fit. You can do that with the currency in the game and the paid currency, gold, as well.[/alert]

Middle-earth Shadow of War will release next week on PS4, PC, and Xbox One

So, what do you think about their approach with loot boxes for the longevity of their game?