The Messenger Coming To Nintendo Switch And PC This Year

The Messenger Title

Game developer Sabotage Studios recently announced that their video game The Messenger will launch on two platforms. It will be released sometime soon.

The Messenger heavily influenced by Ninja Gaiden

Sabotage Studios revealed that their retro action platformer video game will head to the Nintendo Switch and the PC this year. It is evident that the game is heavily influenced by a popular classic video game: Ninja Gaiden.

The Messenger gameplay 01

Platformer will combine two generations

The Messenger has the combination of the 8 and 16-bit console generations, which is obvious in the mechanics and design. Players will go through hordes of demon opponents so that the main character can deliver a sacred scroll to this clan. They will also have to go through different timelines in order to finish several levels.

The Messenger gameplay 02

Players can learn new moves and find new ways to fight off enemies. They can use those skills in order to get through difficult obstacles along the way. They can also find secret rooms and fight difficult enemy bosses that they encounter in the campaign story.

Check out The Messenger teaser trailer below:


Check out Sabotage Studios Official Website here.

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