The Old Republic Era Gets Short Synopsis on Star Wars Website

It hints of the future projects for this era!

Disney has recently updated the official Star Wars website and gave The Old Republic era a brief synopsis of what it will entail.

This update on the official website was recently spotted by SWNN revealing a breakdown of the different time periods in the galaxy. This includes the time of The Old Republic.

“The Republic is founded among the worlds of the Galactic Core,” the description says, “and the Jedi Order emerges to protect it. A schism within the Jedi leads to the creation of the Sith in this epic era.”

This particular era has existed in the Star Wars lore for a long time now, but unfortunately, it is no longer canon due to Disney. The original game, Knights of the Old Republic, which was developed by BioWare was the one to explore this era, which was 4000 years before the beginning of the Galactic Empire.

This gave birth to the new character Revan, who has not appeared in other media, but The Rise of Skywalker made him canon for some reason.

It is interesting though that there is still no Star Wars projects that exist in the Old Republic era, but with its inclusion in the timeline, it seems to hint there is something being planned soon.