The Solus Project Gets A Launch Date

The critically-acclaimed exploration adventure, The Solus Project, is set to embark on a brand-new expedition with its September 18th launch on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR! European PlayStation 4 and VR owners can head to the PlayStation Network store now to pre-order The Solus Project for $19.99. Co-developed by GRIP Digital and Teotl Studios, The Solus Project promises to bring its exceptional survival and exploration experience to all PlayStation fans.

Fill a spacial void in your life with The Solus Project, an exploration-driven adventure game that has players embark on a monumental journey to find mankind’s last hope for survival. When disaster strikes, you’re left alone, spacewrecked, and without any form of outside communication on an unknown planet.

Stranded on a distant world far from home, The Solus Project challenges you to survive harsh and volatile environments while seeking the hidden answer on how to save the human race. With no outside help, players begin their struggle to survive an alien climate and with each discovery, come far darker secrets from the unknown.

“As one of the few story-focused survival adventure games, we’ve been anticipating the reaction of the PlayStation fans and are incredibly excited to bring The Solus Project to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR this September! VR support was an important part of development throughout The Solus Project and it’ll truly be great to see PlayStation fans jump in.”

Source: Press Release