The Super Mario Bros Movie Super Bowl Ad Uses Nostalgic Song

Super Mario Bros can fix your sink in no time!

Super Bowl LVII was recently greeted by a very nostalgic song via The Super Mario Bros Movie ad that many 80’s kids know about.

Gamers of the latest 1980s would know this familiar song right away since it is well-loved by many. It is a rap song based on Mario Bros and their plumbing skills. This was now brought back to modern settings and everyone is ecstatic.

The video features the modern Super Mario Bros. offering their plumbing services in rap style. It also shows one of their “customers” saying some funny line about a drain.

The ad features a phone number, which is fake, but the link that they advertised is actually real and it links to a fully functional website that shows the Super Mario Bros Plumbing business.

the super mario bros movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be in theaters on April 17, 2023.