The Witcher 3 PC Version Saved File Can Be Used on the Switch

If you’re a PC owner and have The Witcher 3, then here’s a bit of good news. You can now upload your saved file to your Nintendo Switch and continue the path journey from there. Recent update adds this features that make cross-save files compatible.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for PS4 and Xbox One owners. The patch will not be included for people who play on consoles. So you wouldn’t be able to use your PS4 or Xbox saved file and just upload it to your Switch for portable gaming. The reason for this might have something to do with PSN and Xbox locking your saved files on specific accounts.

But still, the ability to bring your Witcher 3 experience anywhere you go is a great plus for those not seeking to start a new game. However, it does bring the question for those who mod their Witcher 3 experience on the PC if that in anyway invalidates the saved file.

Source: PushSquare

Managing Editor