The Witcher 3 Realistic Vagina Mod Source Finally Revealed

It's not the earlier mod source.

CD Projekt RED has now identified the source of The Witcher 3 realistic vagina mod and has confirmed it was not the one who accused them of using it without permission.

As reported yesterday, it was thought to be from the mod called Vaginas for Everyone. This was not actually the case as CDPR finally uncovered the source of the mod, which was from HD Monsters Reworked or HDMR for short. Here is a statement from a spokesperson to Eurogamer:

“As was understood by CD Projekt Red until very recently, the vulva textures in question were a part of the ‘HD Monsters Reworked’ (HDMR) mod, not the ‘Vaginas for Everyone’ mod.

“In 2021, at the time of signing the copyright transfer agreement, the HDMR mod author confirmed to CDPR that they were the sole author of the mod in question. The HDMR mod author granted CD Projekt Red rights to use the mod and was credited and compensated for their work. We have contacted the HDMR mod author with questions for clarification.”

After announcing that CDPR was going to remove the controversial mod, some backlash was felt from the fans. Today, the developers explained their reasoning for its removal, which is for visual coherence.

“Regardless of this recent development, we remain committed to removing these textures from the game, as we previously confirmed,” the statement continued.

“We want to also add that the removal of these elements is not intended as a statement against nudity or mature themes, but rather an attempt to maintain visual coherence across all character models – including these textures in the game was not something we planned from the start.”

It was previously revealed that the next-gen update actually included various community-sourced mods and after the update got released, something went wrong. This was an unintended result, according to CDPR and are working to fix this in the meantime.

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The Witcher 3 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.