Those Who Remain Reveals Retail-Exclusive Deluxe Edition Coming Soon to North America

Those Who Remain Deluxe Edition

Game publisher Wired Productions and independent studio Camel 101 recently announced the availability of retail-exclusive Deluxe Edition of Those Who Remain.

The Deluxe Edition will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC. It is now available across Europe, but North America will get it on July 17. The Deluxe Edition will include a digital download of the comic prequel story titled Those Who Remain: Lights Out. Collectable postcards that portray some moments of the story are also included.

About the game:

Set in the sleepy town of Dormont, a town in a spiralling split from the fabric of reality, warped by darkness and the deeds of the citizens who reside, Those Who Remain is a story-driven, first-person adventure thriller combining a deeply atmospheric game world with tense psychological horror that delves deep into the human psyche.

The Deluxe Edition is priced $19.99 only and will be available in the US for PS4 and PC.

Source: Press Release