Thymesia Delayed by Over a Week, Player Feedback Taken into Consideration

It's only a 9 day delay... still concerning though.

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Publisher Team17 and developer OverBorder Studio have announced a delay for their Action RPG, Thymesia. The game was previously planned for an August 09 release and its new release date is now set over a week later on August 18, 2022.

Thymesia Delayed

Thymesia delayed wasn’t because of anything too significant. In fact, it is more reasonable than we assume. In a recent statement on Steam, the dev team decided to delay the game after listening to community feedback.

Thymesia delayed - statement
"After listening to the community feedback from the recent Steam demo, we've made the difficult decision to push the launch date for Thymesia back by a few days to the 18th August. We are 100% committed to making Thymesia the best experience possible, and those few extra days allows us to do this by implementing changes and fixes that were asked for across all platforms.

We appreciate all the support and love you've shown Thymesia so far, and we can't wait for you to jump in as Corvus next month!"

While you wait for the game to release, do enjoy this Gameplay video from Team17 featuring Feather.

About the Game

Seen as the answer to all the kingdom’s ailments, alchemy became a widely used practice across the land, with denizens welcoming it into their homes, using it to enhance and heal as they saw fit. When the price of alchemy became too steep, attempts to halt its use were made, each as woefully unsuccessful as the last, with the catastrophic consequences, felt across the realm. Within days, the kingdom fell to chaos, infected monsters prowling the blood-soaked streets, all hope of a cure lost.

Corvus is the kingdom’s final hope, the fate of Hermes resting in his feathered hands. The truth is buried deep in the memories Corvus left scattered throughout the punishing world, and only by collecting lost memories can the kingdom be saved, but each time he dives back in, trying to piece together the truth, all he finds is more secrets.

Thymesia is set to release on August 18, 2022, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam).

Source: Steam

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