Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands All Fatemaker Classes and Skill Trees

Fatemaker Classes - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

This time around, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Gearbox is making a few tweaks. Players will be allowed to create their own characters for the first time, and they’ve been renamed Fatemakers to reflect the game’s fantasy setting.

Gearbox has created a spin-off game for Tiny Tina from Borderlands. The Dragon Lord must be defeated in order for the Wonderlands to be saved in this fantasy realm role-playing game. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a stand-alone adventure that may be enjoyed even if you’ve never played Borderlands before.

All Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Classes and Abilities

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Classes and Skill Trees

Here are all Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ six classes:

  • Stabbomancer
  • Spellshot
  • Clawbringer
  • Brr-Zerker
  • Graveborn
  • Spore Warden
Stabbomancer Class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


It’s the Stabbomancer class, which is a stealthy assassin-style character with a wide range of skills to target enemies’ weaknesses and the ability to go in and out of stealth mode. When it comes to fighting, it’s fun to use a sneaky method. This class is all about doing the most critical damage as quickly as possible.

Stabbomancer Skill Tree - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Stabbomancer Class Feat

  • Dirty Fighting: Improved Critical Hit Chance.

Action Skills for Stabbomancer

  • Ghost Blade – A Ghost Blade is thrown out and spins in place. Attacks surrounding opponents with Melee Damage, determined by the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.
  • From The Shadows – Entering Stealth, the Fatemaker becomes Invisible. As long as you’re in Stealth mode, all of your attacks are automatically Critical Hits, although the damage they deal is reduced.

Passive Skills for Stabbomancer

Tier 1 Stabbomancer
  • Arsenal (5 points max)
    • Increased Melee Damage, Spell Damage, and Gun Damage.
  • Haste (3 points max)
    • Increased Melee Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Bonus for a duration is doubled when you cast a Spell
  • Potent Poisons (5 points max)
    • Increased Status Effect Damage and Status Effect Duration.
Tier 2 Stabbomancer
  • Follow Up (3 points max)
    • When the Fatemaker inflicts Gun Damage on an enemy, your next Melee Attack will deal more damage.  This effect is capable of being stacked. All stacks are cleared out by melee attacks.
  • Swift Death (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker’s Damage Dealt increases while in motion. The faster the Fatemaker moves, the larger the bonuses.
  • Exploit Their Weakness (3 points max)
    • Affected enemies incur increased damage from all sources while the Fatemaker’s Status Effects are active. For each unique Status Effect, you can apply this effect.
Tier 3 Stabbomancer
  • Nimble Fingers (3 points max)
    • For a short time after doing Melee damage, the Fatemaker’s Fire Rate and Spell Damage are both boosted.
  • Shadow Step (1 point max)
    • Kill Skill: For a brief time, the Fatemaker’s next Melee Attack will be a guaranteed Critical Hit.
Tier 4 Stabbomancer
  • Sneak Attack (5 points max)
    • Increased Critical Hit Damage.
  • Elusive (1 point max)
    • You now have the ability to shoot while sprinting. Having a chance to dodge incoming damage while moving is a benefit. Chances are better if you’re moving quickly.
  • Contagion (3 points max)
    • Fatemaker’s Status Effects have the potential to spread to surrounding opponents. If there are no enemies in the vicinity, deal a percentage of the Status Effect’s total damage to the enemy.
Tier 5 Stabbomancer
  • A Thousan Cuts (5 points max)
    • For a short time after a critical hit, the Fatemaker deals more damage. Up to ten times can be added to this effect. To gain additional stacks, a melee critical hit must be made.
  • Alchemical Agent (1 point max)
    • Apply a random Status Effect when landing Melee Critical Hits.
Tier 6 Stabbomancer
  • Executioner’s Blade (1 point max)
    • If a critical hit from a gun or a spell hits the target, an Ethereal Blade will appear above the target and impale it after a short delay.¬†Melee Damage is dealt by Ethereal Blades based on the Melee Weapon carried by the Fatemaker.

Spellshot Class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


If you appreciate merging magic with guns and kind of weaving those things together, the Spellshot is a terrific class for you. This class does take some of the classic mage skills like, turning enemies into sheep and unleashing torrents of elemental magic to bury your foes with a snap of your finger. Ranged combat is the primary focus of this character’s gameplay.

Spellshot Skill Tree - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Spellshot Class Feat

  • Spellweaving: Reloading or casting a Spell increases the Spell Damage by one stack. Spellweaving stacks degrade after a short period of time.

Action Skills for Spellshot

  • Polymorph – For a short time, this spell transforms an opponent into a harmless skeep.
  • Ambi-Hextrous – The Fatemaker has the option of utilizing a second Spell from their inventory.

Passive Skills for Spellshot

Tier 1 Spellshot
  • Spell Sniper (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker gains increased Spell Critical Hit Chance.
  • Magic Bullets (3 points max)
    • Guns gain a percentage of all boosts to Spell Damage the Fatemaker obtains from their spells.
  • Prestidigitation (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker gains increased Reload Speed.
Tier 2 Spellshot
  • Font of Mana (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker gains increased Spell Cooldown Rate and Action Skill Cooldown Rate.
  • Mage Armor (1 point max)
    • The Fatemaker restores a portion of their Ward whenever they gain a stack of Spellweaving.
  • Just Warming Up (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker gain increased Fire Rate for every Spellweaving Stack.
Tier 3 Spellshot
  • Glass Cannon (1 point max)
    • The Fatemaker’s Ward is no longer automatically recharged, but its Spell Damage has been greatly boosted.
Tier 4 Spellshot
  • Imbued Weapon (5 points max)
    • Fatemaker Guns deal temporary Bonus Damage of the element of the spell they just cast. Once each spell, this effect can be stacked.
  • High Thread Count (1 point max)
    • The Fatemaker gains increased Max Spellweaving Stacks.
  • War Caster (5 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Once an enemy has been killed by the Fatemaker, their weapon may be immediately reloaded. Per Spellweaving Stack, the likelihood of this happening increases.
Tier 5 Spellshot
  • Double Knot (3 points max)
    • When you make a Critical Hit with a Spell, deal additional damage proportional to the element of your gun.
  • One Slot, One Kill (1 point max)
    • The Fatemaker gains increased Gun Damage per Spellweaving Stack.
Tier 6 Spellshot
  • Sever the Thread (1 point max)
    • All spell cooldowns can be reset instantaneously if a critical hit with a gun occurs. The cooldown for this ability is quite brief.

Clawbringer Class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


Like Paladins, Clawbringers have a wyvern companion in addition to their spectral hammer. This class concentrates on fire and lightning damage, it also has something called a dragon aura that will strengthen the whole party with additional fire damage and other perks, they’re like a pharmacy for buffs.

Clawbringer Skill Tree - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Clawbringer Class Feat

  • Wyvern Companion: The Clawbringer is followed by a Wyvern Companion, which soars through the air and attacks foes with its claws and fire breath.

Action Skills for Clawbringer

  • Cleansing Flames – Summons a Hammer and slams it into the ground, dealing Melee Damage and producing a large Fire Nova, dealing Fire Abilty Damage to nearby opponents.
  • Storm Dragon’s Judgement – Summons a Hammer and throws it, which does Lightning Melee Damage to all enemies it hits. It stays where it is and does Lightning Ability Damage to all the enemies that are near it every second.

Passive Skills for Clawbringer

Tier 1 Clawbringer
  • Oath of Fire (5 points max)
    • With their guns, the Fatemaker and their Wyvern Companion deal additional fire damage.
  • Radiance (5 points max)
    • Gains increased Maximum Ward Capacity
  • Oath of Thunder (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker and their Wyvern Companion both deliver additional lightning damage while performing melee attacks
Tier 2 Clawbringer
  • Dragon Aura (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker is encircled by a Dragon Aura, which increases their and their allies’ Elemental Damage.
  • Dedication (5 points max)
    • Gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate. The higher their Ward, the greater the bonus.
  • Rebuke (5 points max)
    • All attacks deal less damage to the Fatemaker. When the Fatemaker is nearby, all allies have a 5% chance of dealing Lightning Damage back at their foes.
Tier 3 Clawbringer
  • Blasthamut’s Favor (1 point max)
    • Kill Skill: A Fire Orb is summoned when an enemy is shot with a gun, and it travels to a new target to inflict Fire Ability Damage. When an enemy is killed with melee damage, a Lightning Orb is summoned and deals Lightning Ability Damage to the victim.
Tier 4 Clawbringer
  • Fire Bolt (1 point max)
    • At times the Wyvern Companion will unleash a barrage of fire bolts, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail. In addition, the Fatemaker’s Gun Damage is enhanced.
  • Friend of Flame (5 point max)
    • The Fatemaker’s Wyvern Companion gains Increased Damage.
  • Storm Breath (1 point max)
    • An infrequent Lightning Breath from the Wyvern Companion will cause Lightning Damage that can travel from one enemy to another. The Fatemaker’s Damage Reduction is also improved.
Tier 5 Clawbringer
  • Awe (3 points max)
    • Gains increased Critical Hit Damage After dealing Fire Damage. Gains increased Critical Hit Chance after dealing Lightning Damage.
  • Indomitable (1 point max)
    • The Fatemaker refills their Ward and deal Bonus Lightning Damage for a short time upon entering Save your Soul.
Tier 6 Clawbringer
  • Storm Smite (1 point max)
    • The Fatemaker calls down Elemental Bolts that deals Fire Ability Damage or Lightning Ability Damage to all nearby enemies upon activating an Action Skill.

Brr-Zerker Class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


Get close to your enemies and turn them into popsicles with the Brr-Zerker class. Making a huge amount of Frost damage with a lot of melee damage. They can also use area of effect attacks that can mow down a lot of foes at once.

Brr-Zerker Skill Tree - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Brr-Zerker Class Feat

  • Rage of the Ancients: The Fatemaker becomes enraged when the Action Skill Starts. Enraged status do more Frost Damage to your attacks.

Action Skills for Brr-Zerker

  • Dreadwind – The Fatemaker spins around, they use their Melee Weapon to slash everything in their path and turn into a pain tornado.
  • Feral Surge – The Fatemaker jumps toward their target. Giving all of the enemies near you Frost Ability Damage.

Passive Skills for Brr-Zerker

Tier 1 Brr-Zerker
  • Ancestral Frost (5 points max)
    • Increased Frost Damage.
  • Savagery (5 points max)
    • Increased Melee Damage and Enrage Duration.
  • Unyielding (3 points max)
    • Regenerates a percentage of Missing Health over time, the effect is doubled while Enraged.
Tier 2 Brr-Zerker
  • Ice Breaker (3 points max)
    • Enemies that are Slowed take more damage from the Fatemaker’s enhanced Damage Dealt. Damage is raised the closer an enemy is near being Frozen.
  • The Old Ways (5 points max)
    • The closer the Fatemaker gets to the enemy, the more damage they deliver and the more damage they reduce. The larger the benefit, the closer the opponent is to the defender.
  • Instinct (3 points max)
    • Increased Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed. The effect is doubled while Enraged.
Tier 3 Brr-Zerker
  • Cold Snap (3 points max)
    • Increased Movement Speed and Frost Efficiency. The effect is doubled while Enraged.
  • Unarmored Defense (1 point max)
    • A portion of the Fatemaker’s Ward is Reserved and cannot be restored, however their Maximum Health is enhanced by a percentage of the reserved amount. Health can no longer be reserved.
  • Blood Frenzy (3 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Restore a portion of your Enrage timer and your Maximum Health.
Tier 4 Brr-Zerker
  • Ancient Fury (5 points max)
    • Increased Maximum Health and Splash Damage.
  • Relentless Rage (1 point max)
    • Save Your Soul duration is extended while damaging an enemy. The amount extended decreases over time.
Tier 5 Brr-Zerker
  • Blast Chill (1 point max)
    • Fatemaker’s ability to unleash a Frost Nova whenever he/she deals Melee Damage to an enemy can cause nearby adversaries to suffer from Frost Ability Damage. Frost Nova isn’t able to do Critical Damage.
  • Iron Squall (5 points max)
    • Increased Fire Rate and Melee Attack Speed. The effect is doubled while Enraged.
Tier 6 Brr-Zerker
  • Blood of the Fallen (1 point max)
    • Kill Skill: The Action Skill Cooldown of the Fatemaker is decreased by a percentage. Rather, the duration of any presently engaged Action Skill is increased.

Graveborn Class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


Graveborns can be thought of as necromancers in the Borderlands.   Graveborn is a high-risk, high-reward class that tries to turn health into dark magic. They have to give up a lot, but the benefits are well worth it! In the same way as other classes in the Borderlands, this one has a companion called a Demi-Lich.

Graveborn Skill Tree - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Graveborn Class Feat

  • Demi-Lich Companion: In addition to the Fatemaker, there’s a floating Demi-Lich Companion who aims at enemies at a distance and does Dark Magic Damage.

Action Skills for Graveborn

  • Dire Sacrifice – For each enemy that is near, the Fatemaker gives up some of their health to deal Dark Magic Ability Damage and apply Dark Magic Status Effects to them, as well.
  • Reaper of Bones – Instantly restores the Fatemaker’s health in full,  g ains a lot more leech efficiency and can deal more Dark Magic Damage, but their health takes more and more damage every second. If the Graveborn dies, they’ll instead become invincible, but only for a short time.

Passive Skills for Graveborn

Tier 1 Graveborn
  • Mortal Vessel (5 points max)
    • Increased Maximum Health and Leech Efficiency.
  • Essence Drain (5 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Increased Spell Cooldown Rate for a duration.
  • Faithful Thralls (3 points max)
    • Increased Companion Respawn Rate. The Fatemaker deals Bonus Damage for every Companion they have.
Tier 2 Graveborn
  • Sanguine Sacrament (3 points max)
    • The Fatemaker regenerates Health over a brief duration whenever they cast a Spell.
  • Dark Pact (5 points max)
    • Increased Dark Magic Damage.
  • Harvest (3 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Companions deal Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration. Effects can stack.
Tier 3 Graveborn
  • Dread Covenant (1 point max)
    • The Demi-Lich takes some of the Fatemaker’s damage, but not all of it. The Demi-Lich is sacrificed as soon as the Fatemaker drops to 1 health. The cooldown on this ability is quite long.
  • Stain of the Soul (5 points max)
    • The Fatemaker’s Spells inflict an additional amount of Dark Magic Damage.
  • Dark Hydra (3 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Chance to summon a Dark Hydra Companion, inflicting Dark Magic Ability Damage to adjacent opponents for a duration.
Tier 4 Graveborn
  • Ascension (3 points max)
    • Kill Skill: For a long time, the maximum health and damage done by spells are increased. This effect can be stacked.
  • Punishment (1 point max)
    • Hellish Blast can be recast by the Demi-Lich after a brief delay when it is cast.
Tier 5 Graveborn
  • Lord of Edges (1 point max)
    • Gains increased Damage Dealt and Damage Reduction the lower the Fatemaker’s Health is.
  • Blast Gasp (5 points max)
    • There is a chance that when the Fatemaker deals Spell Damage, it will cause an explosion that deals the Spell’s elemental Ability Damage to adjacent enemies. No critical hits can be made by the Elemental Explosion.
Tier 6 Graveborn
  • Morhalm’s Blessing (1 point max)
    • Casting a Spell automatically activates all of the Fatemaker’s Kill Skills.

Spore Warden Class - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Spore Warden

In the game, the Spore Warden class can make powerful tornadoes and fire shoot arrows at baddies. Spore Wardens look like they were made for co-op play, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be good in solo play as well. Many of their skills are meant to help their allies. One of the Spore Warden’s companions is a mushroom that can cast its own poisonous spells.

Spore Warden Skill Tree - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Spore Warden Class Feat

  • Mushroom Companion: Nearby foes are targeted by the Fatemaker’s Mushroom Companion, which deals Poison Damage.

Action Skills for Spore Warden

  • Barrage – The Fatemaker summons an Ethereal Bow. Firing 7 Arrows that deliver Ability Damage on hit. Arrows Ricochet twice between adjacent enemies
  • Blizzard – The Fatemaker creates 3 Frost Cyclones for a period that hunt out nearby foes, delivering Frost Ability Damage over time.

Passive Skills for Spore Warden

Tier 1 Spore Warden
  • Bounty of the Hunt (5 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Increased Action Skill Cooldown for a brief duration.
  • Kindred Heart (5 points max)
    • Increased Companion Health and Companion Damage.
  • Eagle Eye (5 points max)
    • Increased Gun Damage and Gun Handling.
Tier 2 Spore Warden
  • Affinity (5 points max)
    • Increased Ability Damage.
  • Spore Cloud (1 point max)
    • Occasionally, a burst of Poison from your Mushroom Companion can taunt your enemies and hurt them over time.
  • Bullseye (5 points max)
    • Increased Gun Critical Hit Chance and Companion Critical Hit Chance.
Tier 3 Spore Warden
  • Quiver of Holding (3 points max)
    • Increased Magazine Size. Amount of ammo in the Fatemaker’s weapon is regenerated over time.
  • Medicinal Mushroom (1 point max)
    • Your Mushroom Companion will try to revive you while in Save Your Soul mode. As a result, for the time being, you and your companion will do more damage together.
  • Windrunner (3 points max)
    • Kill Skill: Increased Movement Speed and Fire Rate for a duration. This effect can stack.
Tier 4 Spore Warden
  • Thrill of the Hunt (3 points max)
    • During a period of time, Gun Critical Hits boost Companion Damage. Up to ten times can be stacked to this effect.
  • Called Shot (3 points max)
    • Fatemaker’s Gun Damage and Damage Reduction rise exponentially while he/she aims down sight.
Tier 5 Spore Warden
  • Wrath of Nature (3 points max)
    • When the Fatemaker inflicts Ability Damage on an enemy, that enemy is subjected to additional Damage from all sources for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Headhunter (1 point max)
    • Increased gun damage is dealt to Critical Hit Areas.
Tier 6 Spore Warden
  • Play the Angles (1 point max)
    • Critical hits from the Fatemaker’s Gun have a chance to Ricochet, inflicting decreased Ability Damage to an enemy that is nearby.  Shots that have ricocheted once have a low possibility of ricocheting again.

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