Todd Howard Confirms Upcoming Elder Scrolls Game Could Be His Last

Takes a lot of time to develop games, so it is one of the factors.

Bethesda leader Todd Howard has recently shared that the upcoming video game sequel The Elder Scrolls 6 might be his last game in the series.

Todd Howard Makes His Decision

Todd Howard recently spoke to IGN before the Starfield Direct showcase discussing the length of time to create Bethesda’s popular games. According to him, even though Bethesda Game Studios has now grown bigger with four studios already, he insists that the expansion does not speed up the development process. He did not divulge what the reason was for the lengthy development time.

It has been eight years since Bethesda’s last major release, Fallout 4. Starfield will release this year, so it really took a long time to develop Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in over 25 years.

Game Development Needs More Time

While he did complain that their games take too long to develop, Howard contradicted himself saying that it is essential to give these games the time they need. He actually made a comparison to Grand Theft Auto which did not have any negative impact when it took long to develop.

“So our ability, like we talked about, to support Starfield..,” he said. “Whereas maybe in the old days, you would put it out and then you’d go on to a sequel, now we can support that game for a much longer period of time, which is what our plan is.

“And then as we look to an Elder Scrolls 6, that is one where… I probably shouldn’t say this. But if I do the math, I’m not getting any younger. How long do people play Elder Scrolls for? That may be the last one I do. I don’t know.”

Who will be taking up Howard’s role afterward? Who knows, but it should be someone who is already familiar with the fantasy series and Howard can trust that individual in handling the rest. Besides, he has been making these games for so many years now, it is about time he let others do the job.

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