Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online To Replace Physical Version; Coming this September

Tokyo Game Show 2020

The organizers of Tokyo Game Show event has now announced that the physical version is now gone and will be replaced with the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online event.

The physical version of the event was cancelled last month because of the COVID-19 pandemic, just like many other events this year. It is a good thing to know that the organizers have not given up on making it possible and now it will be held online.

TGS 2020 Online will be held this coming Sept. 23-27 in full digital form. The event is already accepting exhibitors that will join the online show. It will feature the showcases from different gaming companies and also networking events in online format. There are even plans for holding eSports tournaments.

The participating publishers and developers will be hosting livestreams starting Thursday, Sept. 24 until the fourth day of the online show. The first day will be reserved for business and industry partners.

Check the official website here. Thanks VG247 for the English translation!

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