Xbox Will Not Have Next-Gen or Acquisition News at TGS 2020

Game company Microsoft recently stated on social media about what to expect on the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Microsoft revealed on Xbox’s Twitter account today that they are heading to Tokyo Game Show and will be doing several things. They even revealed a list of things to do during the show.

First off, Microsoft will be celebrating with the Japanese game creators and its games at TGS 2020. So most likely they will just enjoy the show and talk about a few things. Aside from that they will also talk about the upcoming updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC, the Japanese Minecraft community creativity, and more. The showcase broadcast will also be in Japanese only.

Microsoft did clarify that they will not talk about any next-gen topics or any games related to it. They also assure that there will be no talk about any acquisitions of a studio. So the rumors about SEGA being bought by Microsoft might have been debunked with this statement.