The Top 10 Assassins From Assassin’s Creed

Today is Assassin’s Creed’s 10th year Anniversary which is a milestone for the game and the company Ubisoft. Ten long years of spilling blood and wreaking havoc across generations of assassins. On this fateful day, we commemorate and remember the top 10 best assassins from the series. These are my personal picks and the ones that stood out for me. I will not include assassins from the AC Chronicles since I haven’t played those so this will only come from the bigger games that came out on major platforms and I will also include the one from the movie. I will not include Edward Kenway in this list since he never joined the brotherhood of Assassins. So here they are without further adieu.

10. Arno Victor Dorian

There wasn’t really anything memorable about Arno. He was a French Assassin but that was it. All he had was some fancy gear that helped him with his assassination but everything else was just a repeat from previous games.

9. Connor Kenway

Connor edges out Arno for the fact that he was a hunter. This made his character more flexible in terms of the ways he assassinates. With a bow as part of his arsenal it paves way for cool assassination moments which makes you feel like you are Legolas or something.

8. Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

The first ever assassin we were introduced to. Sure he looked cool when we first met him but the one thing that really frustrated me when I was playing as him was that he couldn’t swim. He also wasn’t able to do any cool assassination techniques like air assassination and all that.

7. Aguilar De Nerha

The Spanish assassin. He had two hidden blades and can ride a horse. He also can use arrows like Connor but I’m not sure if he has Eagle vision like the rest of them. Even so, his assassination style is really cool.

6. Bayek

The father of assassins. He was the first one who accidentally cut his own finger with the hidden blade. He also only has one hidden blade but he can use a bow and can ride chariots and a camel. He can even assassinate during a sandstorm which is very hard to do.

5. Evie Frye

One of the few women assassins that we were introduced to but she totally rocks. Her resolve and discipline is like no other. She’s probably one of the best assassins out there and she even has the ability to sit still and become unnoticed.

4. Aya

The mother of assassins. Her weapon of choice are dual swords. She’s fast, ruthless and calculated. She served Cleopatra for some time and assassinated some key figures of the Roman Empire.

3. Lydia Frye

Granddaughter of Jacob Frye and is an assassin that had the qualities of both Jacob and Evie. A skilled fighter and a deadly assassin. She led a group of people in a world at war. Although we didn’t really get to see much of her she was memorable enough to be in this spot.

2. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio was charismatic and skilled. He commanded a band of brother assassins that helped him in his cause against the templars. He has swordfighting skills and made such devastating assassination techniques that made him one of the best assassins there ever was.

1. Jacob Frye

Jacob Frye to me was the best among the assassins I have ever known. He wasn’t just an assassin but he was a brawler. He went on to save kids from child labor with his sister Evie Frye and he had this sense of humor that made him relatable.