Top 10 Best Apple Arcade Games 2022

Apple Arcade has made a name for itself in the gaming market by providing gamers with a premium gaming experience. Here are the top best Apple Arcade games that you must play in 2022!


Mobile Gaming has come a long way from being categorized as a casual gaming platform to becoming one of the rapidly growing and earning platforms in the industry. Mobile games have taken over both pc and console games in terms of sheer annual revenue and while on one hand, it’s a good thing, there’s a bad side to it as well.

That has to do with the quality of the games, many game publishers are actively compromising on game experience over earning through exploitation. However, to tackle this and give the gamers a true gaming experience on their powerful mobile devices Apple launched a premium gaming subscription that includes some of the best mobile games that you can enjoy for only $5 per month.

Keeping that in mind, if you want to experience the true potential of mobile gaming, we have made a list of the top 10 Best Apple Arcade games that you need to play in 2022!

Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle is one of the most innovative entries in this list, instead of you, the chicken, having to crossroads, you explore a massive castle filled with challenging obstacles and crazy puzzles. The game offers a similar visual and art style to give players a more familiar look and feel.

However, the challenges are new and never-ending in this endless tower. It’s a fun little game to play while you are getting bored or just want to kill some time.

Asphalt Airborne 8+

For all the die-hard racing games fans out there, Gameloft’s Asphalt Airborne 8+ is probably the best title out there to enjoy. Unlike the free-to-play version of the game available to download for android on Playstore, you get to enjoy the premium features all unlocked with no in-app purchases.

You can enjoy this game without paying any extra cash while also getting all the premium features, including cars, upgrades, customizations and more. Asphalt Airborne 8+ lets you race through some of the best maps with insane driving experience. Drift, race, or fly through some of the best tracks in this wild racing game.

Exit the Gungeon

I bet most of you have already played the insanely addicting Enter the Gungeon game as it is one of the best Roguelike games to ever exist. Keeping that in mind, we have listed its sequel Exit the Gungeon, and yes! It does indeed follow the same successful formula that made its predecessor so successful in the first place.

Immerse yourself in some of the most epic gunfights and shoot your way through hordes of enemies bent on pushing you back. Exit the Gungeon offers the same beautiful 2d art style with more polish and A LOT more gunpowder to burn the castle down! But if you haven’t played the first game, you can get a good deal if you want to buy Enter the Gungeon to try it out before this one.


Moving on, we have Grindstone, a unique combination of puzzle-solving and adventure games with a beautiful art style that pushes players to try hard in order to progress through the journey. With more than 150 different levels and a challenging progression system, Grindstone keeps you on your toes while you are busy killing monsters and solving puzzles.

It’s a fun little game that will keep you out of boredom and have you hooked to the screen for as long you as want. A perfect time-killer with challenging puzzles, thrilling combat, and a wild adventure in a colorful world.

Disney Melee Mania

If you are feeling a little nostalgic, this game might just be the one that you need to play right now. Disney Melee Mania puts in the shoes of your favorite childhood stars including Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear in this wild multiplayer game.

You play in teams of three in this somewhat unique combination of party and MOBA games. Each player has its own unique skills and abilities that you must explore in order to dominate the opposing team. It’s quite a thrilling experience, especially if you like MOBA games.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

I have always been a big fan of games that are based on meaningful and heart-touching stories. Gibbon Beyond the Trees is one such game that revolves around the life of Gibbons and their struggles as they try to find a new home in a world full of dangers.

The game looks beautiful with hand-drawn art and compelling narration that shows how the climate changes are destroying are the beautiful forests and how it affects the wildlife. It’s a great game for those who crave meaningful stories more than action.

Monster Hunter Stories+

For all the Pokemon fans out there, Monster Hunter is a pretty popular name. A monster-taming adventure game heavily inspired by Pokemon, now available in pocket size through Apple Arcade. Monster Hunter Stories+ is a spinoff that offers a similar monster-taming experience through different journeys and adventures across this vast wilderness.

You can find and tame different monsters, evolve them into more powerful beasts and make them help you through epic raids and dangerous dungeons. With a vast world to explore, you will have plenty to keep you hooked.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Jumping from intense action to the land of peace, Alba A wildlife adventure is an incredibly peaceful adventure game that focuses on saving and preserving wildlife. In this game, you play as young girl Alba, who has come to visit her grandparents in a small town, where the wildlife seems to be in danger.

You have taken it upon yourself to save the wildlife by capturing them in their natural habitat. The gameplay resembles that of Pokemon Snap, but the story behind it makes it much more impactful and fun to explore. It’s one of my favorite games to play on Apple Arcade and it is quite cheap too because if you want to play it on PC, you would have to spend more than $6 to buy Alba A Wildlife adventure.

Assemble with Care

Coming from the developer of Monument Valley, Assemble with Care is a pretty innovative game that combines something as simple as packing with challenging puzzles to create a fun and thrilling puzzle-solving game that promises to keep you entertained.

It’s a casual mobile game but nothing that we have ever seen. You will have plenty of puzzles to solve, with beautiful aesthetics and an immersive soundtrack.


Claiming the first spot on our list we have Fantasian, an amazing JRPG title that features intense turn-based battles. Looking at the game you can actually tell it’s a great one, the art style looks mesmerizing but the story is equally as compelling.

Fantasian sees you waking up following an explosion that has affected your memory of the past. With the help of your friends, you try to put the pieces together while fighting a slew of challenging enemies.

This marks the end of our list for the top 10 best Apple arcade games that you should definitely try out if you have an active subscription. Let us know which one excites you the most and what games should be on this list.