Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Top 20 Mods 7 Days to Die featured

Despite its age, 7 Days to Die remains one of the most popular games on Steam to date, partly due to the number of community mods circulating online for it. Despite coming out a decade ago, the game is still on Early Access, which has given players plenty of time to create mods in order to make a more complete and customized experience. Use this article to learn the best mods for 7 Days to Die, especially after the Alpha 21 update.

How to Install 7 Days to Die Mods

  1. Create a “Mods” folder right in the game’s directory.
  2. Place and extract the mods in this folder.
  3. Start the game and the mods will automatically be deployed.

Zombie Reach Adjustment

Zombie Reach Adjustment - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: KhaineGB | Download Link: here

Ever felt like zombies where hitting you out of thin air? This Zombie Reach Adjustment mod from KhaineGB halves the reach zombies can hit you for. No longer will they be able to hit you from a spear’s reach giving you a safer and more realistic distance to engage them.

Melee combat against zombies have always been difficult especially in the beginning when you’re just starting out. Now it’s a bit more merciful thanks to their more realistic range.

Always Open Traders

Always Open Traders - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: KhaineGB | Download Link: here

A small mod that keeps traders open 24/7 in the game so you don’t have to wait until they’re open again. Always Open Traders by KhaineGB makes it so that traders will always be available to trade items with you. This means no more waiting for the time they’re open again so you don’t have to trouble yourself with return trips.

It’s a good mod for those who want traders to always be available to them. In case you have something good to trade and can’t wait until they’re open again.

HP Bars

HP Bars - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: KhaineGB | Download Link: here

If you like being able to tell the health of zombies that you’re fighting, then this HP Bars mod from KhaineGB is for you. Not really for those who like having a more realistic experience, but if you’re more on the RPG side of things then this mod may interest you. You’ll be able to tell how much health a zombie has left after you’ve hit them.

This mod is also useful when you’re testing how much damage a weapon deals. If you’ve installed other mods that introduce new weapons, you can compare damages using HP Bars.

Faster Levelling

Faster Levelling - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Abasiyanik, JaxTeller718 | Download Link: here

Faster Levelling is a mod from Abasiyanik which lowers the XP required in order to reach the next level. If you ever thought 7 Days to Die was too much of a grind, this mod will help you get the skill point faster so you won’t have to invest too much time in building your character. It’s great for players who want a faster experience.

The best part about this mod is that it does have a few customization options which let you tailor your experience. If you want something more fair, you can download the version you want which edits the experience required to level up.

Faster Dew Collector (A21)

Faster Dew Collector (A21) - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: SMiThaYe | Download Link: here

Having to wait the full 6 hours just to collect dew can be irritating for players who don’t have as much time on their hands. With the Faster Dew Collector by SMiThaYe, that cuts it down by half so you only have to wait for 3 hours. You can collect twice as much water in the specified amount of time.

It’s a large help especially if you want sustainability for your settlements. You’ll have more drinking water in less amount of time while you can go on and do other things. This isn’t a mod that will revolutionize the way you play 7 Days to Die but it’s good to have it regardless.

Bigger Backpack Mod (60/96 Slot)

Bigger Backpack Mod (60/96 Slot) - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: KhaineGB | Download Link: here

If you’ve ever felt like your backpack was too small, here’s a mod that increases its size. Bigger Backpack Mod made by KhaineGB gives you extra slots so you can fit in more items than the vanilla version would allow. You can now carry more stuff with you without having to drop them at the storage first.

Having a bigger backpack really helps save up some time. If you’re full, you’ll have to choose to discard some items or come back for something later.

Oakraven Collection

Oakraven Collection - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Arramus, Oakraven | Download Link: here

Make gathering for resources more simple. With this Oakraven Collection mod from Arramus, you can now mine for resources. This automatically gets you more materials for building or crafting which is great for building your base. Just set the minding drills anywhere you want and come back for them later.

You will still need resources to main the mining drills so this isn’t a cheat code. It does add a new way for you to gather resources so that it won’t take so long.

More Skill Points Per Level

More Skill Points Per Level - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Flak, Adardowen | Download Link: here

If you feel that the skill points you gain per level are too slow, this mod will help your character become more powerful. More Skill Points Per Level by Adardowen will help you customize your experience by giving you control of how much points you gain every time you go up a level. You can set it so that you don’t become too powerful if you still want to retain a lot of what makes 7 Days to Die challenging but are tired of the slow grind.

Considering how important skill points are for building your character, you might want a faster experience. This mod will help you skip past the grind of having to slowly level up per point so you can better control over how you want to build your character.

65K Stacks Mod

65K Stacks - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Elucidus | Download Link: here

For the biggest hoarders of the game, the 65K Stacks Mod from Elucidus is for you. Never have to worry about the 500 cap ever again and stack as much items as your heart desires. Sure, you might not ever need items to go past 65 thousand but it’s good to be prepared.

If you’re looking to settle into building for the long term, this mod makes it so that you won’t have to worry about running past the cap. You can stock up as many of the same resource as you’d like.

Repeater Crossbow Mod

Repeater Crossbow - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Dragonchampion | Download Link: here

Crossbows are pretty popular weapons in a zombie apocalypse thanks to Daryl Dixon, however the need to reload after every shot kind of makes it a difficult weapon to use against the horde. This Repeater Crossbow Mod from Dragonchampion gives you a crossbow that fires five times before you need to reload it. It’s an effective silent weapon that’s great for taking on multiple enemies before you actually need to reload more bolts.

Because of how slow crossbows can be, many players tend to gravitate towards the bow for a faster fire rate. This mod helps give you more incentive to use crossbows in 7 Days to Die by giving it more ammo before it needs to reload for a bit. This helps make clearing smaller rooms a lot easier.

EpicSpire’s Trader Tier Reward System A21

EpicSpire's Trader Tier Reward System A21 - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: EpicSpire001 | Download Link: here

If you want more skill points, you can now get it by completing each tier for merchants. If you’re looking for something much more balanced, then you might wanna try out EpicSpire’s Trader Tier Reward System for the Alpha 21 update. This will make you feel like you’ve earned those points without it being just handed to you per level.

Of course, like levelling up, you’ll still have to work for these points by completing tiers. It’s a good additional reward to have if you’re looking for a faster but fairer way to gain more skill points.

Sam’s Storage Stuff

Sam's Storage Stuff - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Saminal | Download Link: here

Ever wanted to use just about anything for storage? Sam’s Storage Stuff by Saminal lets you do just that even letting you lock it with combination codes so you can share it with other players without anyone stealing your stuff. They can still be destroyed though so anyone who really wants your things can just break them.

It’s a nice little mod that lets you have more containers from other storages. It gives a lot of flexibility to where you want to store certain items other than just lumping them all in one place.

Dangerous Cities

Dangerous Cities - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: KhaineGB | Download Link: here

Cities in zombie-survival games are never quite as densely packed as they should be. Dangerous Cities by KhaineGB increases the zombies found in settlements while decreasing the zombies found in the wild. This mod makes the game a bit more realistic so you’ll be thinking twice before looking for resources in areas formerly populated by humans.

If you’re wondering why plenty of survivors don’t stick around in densely populated areas in zombie movies, this is why. More zombies to deal with in cities means that firing a single loud shot could have the entire block clawing to get at you. Plan your trips carefully but also know you’re much safer in the wild.

Tactical Weapons A20

Tactical Weapons A20 - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: ViperInfinity | Download Link: here

A mod that adds more firearms into 7 Days to Die. Tactical Weapons by ViperInfinity gives you various ranged weapons with customizable mods so you can equip the best guns for zombie slaying. This mod maintains most of the vanilla features of 7 Days to Die while expanding on them so you won’t find it too difficult to use.

More weapons means more fun in killing zombies and it’s always good to stock up your arsenal. Gather some of the best weapons in this game using this mod and you’ll never have to worry about being ill equipped ever again.

Bdub’s Vehicles

Bdub's Vehicles - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: bdubyah | Download Link: here

The map of 7 Days to Die is a pretty big place and you’re going to want some resilient vehicles to take you around. Bdub’s Vehicles give you great looking transport to carry you and your friends around the dangerous map. This is considered the best vehicle mod in the game.

Not only does this mod add cars but also classic retro-styled motorcycles so there’s a lot of variety to choose from. Pick your vehicle and cruise around the map.

Map: New York Undead 21

Map: New York Undead 21 - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: DirkillerGaming | Download Link: here

Probably the most famous densely populated city in the world is New York. Map: New York Undead 21 made by DirKillerGaming gives you the entire city to explore. This mod will become even more dangerous if you have any other mod that pairs it with more zombie populated cities as essentially nowhere is safe.

New York Undead 21 is a paradise for looters and those who want to explore a purely urban environment. There’s no end to buildings you can enter to look for supplies and other things.

Age of Oblivion

Age of Oblivion - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Pipermac, OakRaven, Arramus, Phredd, Stasis78, Mayic | Download Link: here

Adding new cars, weapons, quests, and etc., the Age of Oblivion mod adds quite a lot of new content to the game. If you’ve been looking for something to spice up 7 Days to Die, this is it. With new animals and zombies to encounter, this mod practically gives you a new game to indulge in. The only downside is that you’ll need to start from the beginning if you want to play this mod.

Originally starting as a simple farming mod, it’s amazing how Age of Oblivion continued to grow. Now it’s something almost completely different practically giving 7 Days to Die an expansion of sorts.

The Wasteland

The Wasteland - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Bdubyah | Download Link: here

Ever wanted 7 Days to Die to be more like Fallout? The Wasteland is a mod from Bdubyah that practically turns the game into a Fallout game. There’ll be ghouls, raider NPCs, and even Super Mutants to fight against in typical Fallout fashion but you’ll also have ability to craft your own Power Armor.

The Wasteland is a great mod that wonderfully blends in the post apocalyptic Fallout with 7 Days to Die. Bethesda players will feel right at home with this one.

SMX – By Sirillion

SMX - By Sirillion - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: Sirillion | Download Link: here

Let’s face it, the 7 Days to Die vanilla UI is kind of difficult to get into. The SMX – By Sirillion mod overhauls the HUD so it’s more in line with the horror aesthetic with the game while making it significantly more useful. You’ll also see the Main Menu and inventory UI overhauled to look better in comparison to its vanilla version.

It’s a lot easier to read information given to us too with this mod. There’s a reason why a lot of people prefer to play with it on.

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls - Top 20 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

Credits to: KhaineGB | Download Link: here

Here’s a mod that practically revamps 7 Days to Die. Darkness Falls is a mod from KhaineGB that adds so many new things to the game. The biggest addition that this mod provides are the classes which have their own quest and perks. There are also several reworks that change the way the game works like civilization and nighttime becoming more dangerous.

Darkness Falls also adds some new items in the mix, even allowing you to craft guns from gun parts. This revolutionary mod will change the way you play 7 Days to Die. It also makes the game a lot of more challenging than its vanilla counterpart so you best be aware of what you’re getting into.