Top 15 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs

This guide lists down all of the best Easter Eggs that can be found in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs cover

There are various Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs hidden throughout the game that fans could just stumble upon and recognize while exploring the world. Some of them are obvious and easy to spot, while some are niche which only hardcore Spider-Man fans can spot right away. We’ve listed down some of the Easter Eggs that can be found in the game, as well as their relevance to the Spider-Man lore and universe.

Backpack in the vents

Backpack in the vents: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

During a flashback scene back when Peter and Harry were younger, they snuck into their school at night. Peter took to the vents and saw one of his backpacks which is a call back to the first game where Peter used to stash his backpacks in different spots in the city. In the previous game, players used to look for these backpacks as they held collectibles.

Harry’s Rick Roll

Harry's Rick Roll: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

In the same flashback scene, when Peter was stuck with the guards at the gymnasium, Harry used the PA system and sang Rick Astley’s famous song Never Gonna Give You Up to cause a distraction.

Spider-Man Pointing Meme

Spider-Man Pointing Meme: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

Moving on to another meme reference, when Peter meets up with Miles, they can interact with each other and do the Spider-Man pointing meme that was a reference to a scene in the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon.

Peter’s Old Job at the Daily Bugle

Peter's Old Job at the Daily Bugle: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

Back in Aunt May’s house, inside Peter’s room is a posted newspaper snippet of a Daily Bugle headline showing Spider-Man carrying a civilian while swinging, while having a headline questioning whether if he’s a hero or a menace. The photo shown is actually a recreation of the cover of the Amazing Fantasy #15 comic, and the “15 reasons” on the snippet may also be referring to the issue number of the comic itself.

Sony’s Spider-Verse Suits

Sony's Spider-Verse Suits - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs

The recent Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse movie had an Easter Egg showing Ganke playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 way ahead of when the game was actually released. Now, in the game, some of the Spider-Men from the two previous Sony animated movies can now be worn as costumes, such as:

  • Into the Spider-Verse Noir
  • Across the Spider-Verse Suit

Ganke’s Speed Nonagon

Ganke's Speed Nonagon: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

Speed Nonagon was a game that Ganke was developing back then, and during Peter’s visit back in Aunt May’s house, he sees a copy of the game on one of his boxes. The game itself is a nod to the real game called Super Hexagon.

Fantastic 4’s Baxter Building

Fantastic 4's Baxter Building: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

Though it was not specifically called as the Baxter Building, the building situated at the northeast of Hell’s Kitchen, or southwest of Central Park may as well be it. At the very top of the building where the helipad is located is arguably the Fantastic 4’s emblem with a blue 4 inside a blue circle.

A Tribute to Chadwick Boseman: Black Panther

A Tribute to Chadwick Boseman: Black Panther in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

As a tribute to the late Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman, players can visit the Embassy of Wakanda, which is located at the east side of Midtown, and do the Wakandan salute with Miles by interacting with the building’s front door.

The Wand of Watoomb and Black Cat

The Wand of Watoomb and Black Cat: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s a hidden nod to Spider-Man’s (Peter) past relationship with Black Cat, who appeared in the DLC of the first game. The brief mission is a fun treat for fans who know about their complicated relationship in the comics, even though you have to play with Miles during this mission. The mission is where she steals the Wand of Watoomb, more popularly known as Wong’s weapon, in relation to the next easter egg.

Sanctum Sanctorum, Doctor Strange and Wong

Sanctum Sanctorum: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs

The Sanctum Sanctorum is one of the buildings that still can be seen in this game’s present day, and it’s actually part of the side quests in the game. Black Cat heads inside of the sanctum to where she steals the Wand of Watoomb and uses it to create a portal to immediately go to France and save her girlfriend.

Doctor Strange and Wong: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

After Miles retrieves the artifact, he tries to use it to find where Martin Li is at, but the wand gets magically whisked away by Wong, as suggested by the note that was left in its place. Though we don’t see them in the game, it’s good to know that Doctor Strange and Wong are in this version of NYC, protecting the Earth from supernatural forces.

Delilah, Bar with No Name, and Miguel O’Hara

Delilah and Miguel O'Hara: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

There are collectibles known as Spider-Bots that have been scattered all around the neighborhood for some unknown reason, and players can get to collect them along the way and through some slight detours. Upon collecting all of the Spider-Bots, Peter will get coordinates that lead to an unassuming brick wall. However, a portal opens up and reveals a bartender on the other side.

This bartender is known as Delilah and the bar that she is in is known as the Bar with No Name, a bar where the most notorious villains chill and drink. After a short chat, Delilah takes all of the Spider-Bots for herself, and she also leaves a message for Peter if ever Miguel O’Hara comes looking for his bots.

Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man 2099 from Earth-928, and though he does not make an appearance in this game, there is a direct reference of the first game instead through the Across the Spider-Verse movie where the Peter Parker of this game, tagged as Insomniac Spider-Man of Earth-1048, made an appearance. It suggests that at some point in the game’s timeline, Peter gets invited into the Spider-Man HQ in Nueva York, and it’s possibly because he is being questioned for the “stolen” Spider-Bots.

A subtle Matt Murdock reference: Daredevil

Peter's lawyer friends: Daredevil - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

After collecting all of Flint Marko’s memories, Miles will then deliver a special statue to the house where Marko’s daughter lives. Miles then talks to himself and thinks if Peter’s lawyer friends could help bring the family together again. These “lawyer friends” might be referring to Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, and his associate Foggy Nelson.

Coney Island’s Villainous Rides

Coney Island's Villainous Rides: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

Coney Island is a theme park that exists in both the game and in real life, and in the game’s version, it has a number of references to past Spider-Man villains, not to mention that both Tombstone and Mysterio have decided to work within the park itself.

These are the names of the attractions and booths that can be seen in the park, as well as the characters or groups that they are referring to and their respective comic first appearances:

  • Big Wheel – Jackson Weele a.k.a. Big Wheel from Amazing Spider-Man #182
  • Rocket Racer – Robert Farrell a.k.a. Rocket Racer from Amazing Spider-Man #172
  • Speed Demon – James Sanders a.k.a. Speed Demon from Avengers #69
  • Hydro Bench – Morris Bench a.k.a Hydro-Man from Amazing Spider-Man #212
  • Cadenski’s Arcade – Arcade from Marvel Team-Up #65
  • Hydra Head Hitter – Hydra Organization

There’s also the Octoride, which is a bit too on the nose and Dr. Octavius is still in the game, just doing his time in the RAFT. Although not exactly a reference to a villain, Dazzler’s Stage is a stage in the park where musicians are playing and is a reference to Dazzler or Alison Blaire, a mutant who has the ability to turn sound to light energy. There’s also the Flying Mantis ride which is the tall tower in the middle of the park, which might just be an obvious reference to Mantis.

Harry’s Existential Dread

Harry's Existential Dread: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

While visiting Coney Island with Peter and MJ, Harry suddenly talks about how in another version of the universe, he wouldn’t be around if his treatment (using the symbiote) did not go so well. MJ then comments that they’re lucky that they’re living in the best timeline. It is true that in other Spider-Man stories like in the comics or in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, Harry died. Also, this sudden realization is just a timely reference to the multiverse or the Spider-Verse.

The Wolverine Suit

The Wolverine Suit: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg

Also in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players might notice a suit called “The Best There Is” that bears a striking resemblance to Wolverine’s iconic design. This subtle inclusion is more than just a nod to the X-Men’s legendary mutant; it acts as a clever easter egg, teasing the upcoming Wolverine game. By incorporating this design into Spider-Man’s wardrobe, the game developers artfully hint at the interconnectedness of the Marvel universe and generate anticipation for their next big release, further showcasing their commitment to weaving a rich tapestry of interconnected narratives and characters.