Total War Saga: Troy to Add Ajax and Diomedes Faction Pack Later This Month

Game company SEGA has announced that a new faction pack will be added to PC video game Total War Saga: Troy.

The Ajax and Diomedes Faction Pack will add two of the most renowned warriors from the Iliad onto the battlegrounds of the game. Both heroes are eager to rip the city down to its foundations.

With the addition of these two new characters, there will be new and unique campaign mechanics as well as a multitude of era-inspired warriors, veteran paragon units, and more.

Ajax the Great is the shield that protects the Achaean Host, known for his unsurpassed strength and huge stature. His unit roster relies on slow, but very heavily equipped defensive infantry to hold the line, while his powerful missile units take advantage of protected positions.

Diomedes – the King of Argos – is a veteran in the ways of war and has used his martial might to establish Argos as an exceedingly powerful city, second only to great Mycenae. His unit roster is specialized in crushing attacks with well-rounded axe and sword infantry, combined with quick flanking units from surprising locations.

The pack will also add free content for all players of the game. It will include access to Hephaestus the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, and the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent.

Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack:

  • 2 New Factions – Salamis (Ajax) and Argos (Diomedes)
  • 18 new units – Including Salamis Marines, Argive Swordmasters , Ajax’ Wall and more
  • Paragon units – Veteran versions of regular units led by an officer
  • 4 new faction mechanics & diplomatic options
  • New Troy event – Stealing the Palladium
  • Thebes and its seven gates campaign model and battle map

Free Content:

  • New god – Hephaestus
  • New Epic Agent – The Divine Craftsman

Key Information:

Release Date: 28th January, 3pm GMT
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99.

Total War Saga: Troy is now available on PC via Epic Games Store.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the trailer: