Total War: Three Kingdoms – The Furious Wild Now Available

Total War: Three Kingdoms-The Furious Wild

Game company SEGA just released the latest downloadable content for PC video game Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The latest DLC is titled The Furious Wild is now available for PC players to download on Steam. Aside from this new content, SEGA also released a new update for the game. Patch 16 will gran access to several new features like gate battles, flame-firing Juggernaut artillery, a front-end rework, and so much more changes.

Check out the details of the newest content here:

Command the might of the Southern tribes, all while exploring new areas of the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS map. Can you unify the tribes and take on the mighty Han, or will the unrelenting jungles reclaim your crumbling ambitions?

A New Culture Rises; The Nanman

THE FURIOUS WILD introduces four new warlords from the Nanman tribes as playable factions within the THREE KINGDOMS campaign. Featuring Meng Huo, Lady Zhurong, King Mulu and King Shamoke, each of these peerless warriors have unique story arcs, mechanics, victory conditions, and units to experience. Separated they are vulnerable, but together, they might just be unstoppable.

More Than 25 New Units

With the might of the tribes and nature at their fingertips, the Nanman force back the unrelating expansion of the Han Empire with a host of unique units available for recruitment. From Elephant Riders and Tiger Warriors to the Followers of Flame & the Shields of the South, THE FURIOUS WILD represents a truly unique addition to warfare in ancient China.

Expanded Campaign Map

The verdant jungles of southern China are a beautiful but deadly extension of the THREE KINGDOMS campaign map. This expansion includes new territories to explore and conquer, as well as a rework of the entire THREE KINGDOMS campaign map to better represent China and add greater tactical depth to gameplay.

Free Content

All players of THREE KINGDOMS will be able to gain access to a brand-new character in the form of Shi Xie. This influential member of the imperial government sits far from the imperial capital and has learnt how to make the most of the power he exerts in his remote province, manipulating Han and Nanman alike to increase his reach.

Check out the Patch 1.6 full patch notes here:

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Patch 1.6.0



The 1.6.0 update is the next major update for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, arriving alongside the The Furious Wild DLC and Shi Xie FLC. The patch fixes issues raised by the community as well as introducing new campaign features, units, characters, and more.

Highlights of the 1.6.0 patch and FLC include:

  • The introduction of Shie Xie as a playable character
  • A front-end rework
  • A rework of the entire campaign map
  • Gate pass battles
  • Balance changes across all our characters and to battle
  • Juggernauts
  • A plethora of bug fixes

Warning about pre 1.6.0 save compatibility

Due to the major reworking of the campaign map in patch 1.6.0, users may note a number of oddities if they load saved games made before this patch.

Known issues:

  • New campaign map will not appear in older saves
  • Users may find battles, especially around settlements, will load into an incorrect location (or even a gate pass battle map)
  • Region and province names may have changed on the campaign, or be inconsistent
  • Some mechanics and systems will have been updated to the new map, but will be present in existing saves. This include, but are not limited to:
    • Sun Ce’s Ambition mechanic
    • Lü Bu’s Greatest Warrior mechanic
    • The Bandit Network (Zhang Yan, Zheng Jiang, Yan Baihu)
    • Some mods relying on region or province data may no longer function or will function in unintended ways

It is strongly recommended you start a new campaign to experience the great new features which have been added to the campaign. Please also disable mods until they have been updated to account for all the changes made with the release of The Furious Wild.


Shi Xie

  • New playable character, available in both 190 CE and 194 CE start dates
  • Unique faction mechanics: Splendor
    • Shi Xie’s unique mechanic, Splendor, can be gained by smuggling family members into important court positions. Splendor is generated according to the level of court position of the family member, with an Administrator position gaining less Splendor than a Council member, for example
    • Higher levels of Splendor provide bonuses to public order, trade influence, and diplomacy relationships with all factions
  • Unique faction mechanics: Tribute Chests
    • Once you’ve accumulated enough Splendor, it can be converted into Tribute Chests. These chests are special ancillaries that grant characters bonuses.
    • There are three types of chest: Diplomatic, Regional, and Personal. Diplomatic chests grant improvements to a character’s diplomatic conditions, while Regional chests improve their region via increased replenishment or construction time, and Personal chests improve their character or retinue
    • Chests are opened when equipped and will provide certain affects but will deplete over the course of 20 turns
    • This special ancillary can be traded and used for diplomacy to sweeten any deal
  • Notable Characters
    • Shi Xie starts his campaign surrounded by family, including his three brothers – Shi Yi, Shi Hui, and Shi Wu – plus his five sons

The 1.6.0 Patch

The front-end rework

For the front-end rework, our goal was to reduce the number of steps between the player and the game, and in the process put emphasis on our cast of extraordinary characters.

What’s new?

  • We combined two screens into one, meaning you can now do everything on one screen from choosing your character to selecting their start date
  • We’ve also added a character search so you can now find your favorite character a bit faster
  • We wanted to make character groups easier to understand, as characters can change their role throughout campaigns, and we wanted to reflect this
    • Now you can see these changes if you click through different years on the timeline
    • We’ve also added secondary characters around your selected character to help tell more of a story about each character
  • Players can now also zoom in or out and pan to our map. Curious about a well-populated area? You can now zoom in on these areas of the map and inspect everything in detail

Map update

With this DLC we wanted to take the opportunity to revamp the world map and make a few key changes. These changes were also needed to accommodate one big new feature that we will talk about in detail later in these notes. As well as these changes, we have also expanded the map in the south to accommodate our new cast of characters and expanded up into the north-east.

What’s new?

  • Gate pass battles (see further on for more information)
    • These are single region commanderies that can be occupied by factions across the campaign with a unique gate pass battle type. There are nine of these in total
  • New commanderies in the south-west
    • Added territory to give the Nanman plenty of regions to fight over
  • Additional new commanderies across the map
    • There are a number of new commanderies added into the map, for example Xiapi
  • Region names
    • All regions have been given unique names

Changes to existing content

  • Commandery makeup
    • There have been changes to several commanderies across the map that have resulted in the loss or acquisition of regions for these commanderies
    • For example, Pengcheng was three regions and it’s now two
    • In a general sense, regions have reduced in the south and increased in the central plains
  • Resource distribution
    • Due to the changes in regions some resource locations have changed, some have been added and some removed
  • Geographical changes
    • Across the map, but primarily in the south, new mountainous areas have been added to reduce the number pathways available. The intention is to increase the number of strategic options available to the defenders of larger sections of the map

Gate pass battles

We’ve added a new battle map to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS and it comes with a gate. In strategic positions across the campaign map, we have implemented brand new gate pass battles, simulating some of the historical engagements that took place on such geographical choke points.

  • In gate pass battles, the attacker will deploy on one of two sides of a settlement and that side will be dictated by the direction that they have approached the settlement from on the campaign map
  • Each side of the settlement is heavily fortified with walls, gatehouses, bastions, and towers
  • The attacker’s objective is eliminating the defender’s forces or capturing the victory point
  • To reach the victory point, the attacker will need to breach or climb the walls or pass through the gatehouse
  • The defender’s objective is to eliminate the attacker’s forces and prevent them from capturing the victory point

As we mentioned in our July dev blog, there has been a minor issue over the course of our work to represent the historic Hulao pass. In short, it’s in the wrong place. We’re aware, and we’re sorry.

The Hulao Pass is positioned north of Mount Song which is where we have placed it on the THREE KINGDOMS map, but we’ve put the mountain in the wrong place. This was pointed out to us but at a place where fixing it would break all of our internal saves. Our focus is on making sure the upcoming release is as stable as it can be, so having to start over with getting saves to help us bug fix and balance the game came with too many risks.

This is something that we’re going to correct in a future update, so rest assured that we’re aware of it.

New Legendary Characters

Wei Yan

Wei Yan was a famous general of Liu Bei’s, first serving under him around 210 CE. He was part of the Northern Expeditions led by Zhuge Liang between 228 and 234 CE.

Wei Yan has the Reckless Strike ability, which deals a hefty amount of damage but can also damage himself and leave him open to enemy attacks.

Xun You

Xun You was a powerful political figure in the capital at the time of Dong Zhuo’s rise to power and supposedly he secretly plotted to have Dong Zhuo assassinated.

He has the Ancient Wisdom ability, which allows him to see across the battlefield and through forests, increasing the vision of any army.

Li Ru

Li Ru was an advisor to Dong Zhuo and was instrumental in convincing Dong Zhuo to bring Lü Bu to his side.  

Li Ru has the special ability Hold Firm, which improves his Melee Evasion when he is engaged in melee combat. This is a passive ability that improves over time.

Balance changes

Character and faction changes

Changes have been made to increase the variety in how factions play. This has been done by changing many of the bonuses the leaders of most playable factions give through their career traits and increasing the number of bonuses those career traits give. We’ve also looked at changing the bonuses of some faction unique buildings and pooled resources.

Cao Cao

His bonuses have been reworked to emphasize his strategic strength. He gains additional supplies and redeploying armies are cheaper. His Tuntian Conscription and Agricultural Garrison buildings have also had their bonuses adjusted.

Career Traits


  • Reduces upkeep for cavalry -10%
  • Increases supplies +15


  • Increases number of available spies +2
  • Reduces redeployment costs -25%
  • Reduces recruitment cost for cavalry -15%


Tuntian Conscription

  • Gained bonus to movement range for armies in province
  • Gives reduction in cost of Agricultural Garrison buildings
  • Gives a bonus to food production at all levels

Agricultural Garrisons

  • Gives reduction in cost for all Military district buildings

Liu Bei

We have put more emphasis on his use of militia units, and how the people supported him.

Career Traits


  • Increases public order +4
  • Reduces militia infantry upkeep -50%


  • Increases faction support gain +100%
  • Reduces militia infantry upkeep -50%
  • Increases militia unit starting rank +3


Shu-Han Tax

  • Public order penalty replaced with a bonus to militia unit replenishment

Sun Jian

We have made changes made to help with his Expansion playstyle.

Career Traits


  • Increases campaign movement range +10%
  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%


  • Increases campaign movement range +15%
  • Halves cost of settling deserted settlements
  • Reduces cost of Mercenary retinues -25%


Mercenary Outpost

  • Increases reduction given to Mercenary retinue costs

Sun Ce

His faction has been updated to match up with some of the changes to Sun Jian.

Career Traits


  • Increases charge bonus for cavalry +100%
  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%


  • Increases charge bonus for cavalry +100%
  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%
  • Halves cost of settling deserted settlements


Mercenary Outpost

  • Increases reduction given to Mercenary retinue costs

Liu Chong

We have made changes that make him even better with crossbows as well as putting more emphasis on his unique units.

Career Traits


  • Increases crossbow damage +10%
  • Increases starting rank for ranged units +2


  • Increases crossbow damage +15%
  • Increases starting rank for ranged units +3
  • Reduces recruitment cost for Chen units -20%

Gongsun Zan

He has been changed to put more emphasis on his unique units as well as improving his unique building chain.

Career Traits


  • Increases reinforcement range +50%
  • Increases shock cavalry armour +12%


  • Increases post-battle loot income +25%
  • Increases ranged cavalry starting rank +3
  • Reduces recruitment cost of ranged cavalry -25%


Military Government

  • Gives significant cost reduction to cost of military buildings
  • Gained bonus to reduce mustering turns

Dong Zhuo

We have made changes that put Big Dong more in line with his playstyle and title.

Career Traits


  • Reduces mustering turns -1
  • Increases morale when attacking +9


  • Increases post-battle loot income +50%
  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%
  • Reduces recruitment cost of shock cavalry -15%

Pooled Resource


  • At top level now gives scare for all units

Lü Bu

We have made small changes to give more emphasis to his unique units.

Career Traits


  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%
  • Increases morale in enemy territory +3


  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%
  • Increases morale in enemy territory +3
  • Reduces recruitment cost of shock cavalry -15%

Yuan Shu

We have changed his career trait and buildings to give more focus to his unique units and try and make his economy stronger.

Career Trait


  • Increases income from commerce and industry +25%
  • Increases undercover cost for enemy spies +15


  • Reduces cost of resource buildings -25%
  • Reduces melee infantry recruitment cost -15%
  • Increases charge bonus when attacking +15%


Zhong Administration

  • Gains reduction to cost of economic, market and learning district buildings

Yuan Shao

We have made changed to make him a better commander, shifting the origin of the bonuses that captain retinue gains.

Career Traits


  • Increases morale +6
  • Reduces recruitment and upkeep cost of captain retinues -50%


  • Increases reinforcement range +100%
  • Increases starting rank of polearm infantry +3
  • Reduces recruitment cost of polearm infantry -15%

Pooled Resource


  • All levels now give reduction in recruitment and upkeep cost of captain retinues, and this reduction is now higher at top levels of this resource

Ma Teng

We have put more emphasis on his Qiang units, and made his Xiliang Supply Lines buildings more impactful.

Career Traits


  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +10
  • Increases income from silk and spice +100%
  • Reduces upkeep for Qiang units -10%


  • Increases melee damage of shock cavalry +15%
  • Increases income from silk and spice +100%
  • Reduces recruitment and upkeep for Qiang units -20%


Xiliang Supply Lines

  • Gained bonus to cavalry starting rank
  • Gained bonus to unit replenishment

Tao Qian

We have improved his focus on economic management.

Career Traits


  • Increases public order +2
  • Reduces corruption -10%


  • Increases assignments +2
  • Increases administrators +2
  • Increases garrison replenishment +5%

Liu Biao

We have put more focus on his unique units and vassals.

Career Traits


  • Increases satisfaction +10
  • Increases public order +2


  • Increases income from vassals +50%
  • Reduces character salary -20%
  • Reduces recruitment cost of polearm infantry -20%

Lu Zhi

His career trait now gives a comparable number of bonuses to other playable characters and better reflects his playstyle.

Career Traits


  • Increases character experience +10%


  • Increases character experience +10%
  • Increases all units starting rank +2
  • Increases morale +6

Kong Rong

We have put more emphasis on his unique units.

Career Traits


  • Increases population growth +5k
  • Increases trade influence +50%


  • Increases population growth +5k
  • Increases trade influence +50%
  • Reduces recruitment cost of crossbow infantry -15%

Zhang Yan

More emphasis on his unique units and improving some of his effects.

Career Traits


  • Enables ignore forest penalty
  • Increases post-battle loot income +25%


  • Enables ignore forest penalty
  • Increases post-battle loot income +50%
  • Increases starting rank of Black Mountain units +3

Zheng Jiang

We have changed her effects to reinforce her expansion-focused gameplay, and her infamy bonuses have also been improved.

Career Trait


  • Reduces mustering turns -1
  • Increases diplomatic income from tributaries +50%


  • Increases faction support gain +100%
  • Increases diplomatic income from tributaries +50%
  • Increases melee damage when attacking +15%

Pooled Resource


  • Now enables scare at top level

Yan Baihu

We have put more emphasis on his unique units

Career Traits


  • Increases replenishment +5%


  • Reduces cost of resource buildings -15%
  • Increases starting rank of White Tiger units +3

Huang Shao

We have added a bonus to help compliment his ranged unit bonus.

Career Traits


  • Reduces upkeep for ranged units -15%
  • Increases morale +6


  • Reduces recruitment cost for ranged units -15%
  • Increases character experience +10%
  • Enables stalk

Gong Du

We have reduced recruitment cost for his unit focus.

Career Traits


  • Increases military supplies in enemy territory +5
  • Increases spear infantry armour +10%


  • Increases post-battle loot income +50%
  • Increases spear infantry armour +15%
  • Reduces recruitment cost of polearm infantry -20%

He Yi

We have made adjustments that make expansion easier for him.

Career Traits


  • Increases population growth +4k
  • Increases melee infantry melee evasion +10


  • Increases population growth +4k
  • Increases melee infantry melee evasion +15%
  • Increases faction support gain +100%


  • We’ve made changes to Emperor income. We have lowered the Emperor’s income from their subjects and decreased the amount they pay back. This should prevent Emperors of smaller empires from having their economy sucked dry, while incentivising being an Emperor
  • In 182 CE start date, we’ve lowered Emperor Lu Hong’s initial treasury to 45,000 from 100,000 based on income changes
  • Faction-wide Food Surplus bonuses we inconsistent across difficulties, with Normal having slightly worse modifiers to Reserves than Legendary, but higher bonuses to Peasantry Income than Easy
    • The bonuses from faction wide food surplus have been unified across difficulties
    • The penalties from being in deficit remain unchanged

Bandit Network

In concurrence with our changes to the map, we have reworked the Bandit Network so it reflects these changes. Next time you load or start a bandit campaign, you will see these changes. 

Four new Bandit Network technologies have been added: 

  • Jiuzhen Ringleaders: Located in the new Jiuzhen commandery. Increases the Jian Sword Guard unit cap by +1, +5% melee damage for all units, +5% loot when raiding enemy territories
  • Tribesmen of Yongchang:Located in the new Yongchang commandery. Increases the Nanman Slingers and Javalin Throwers unit cap by +2, +2 starting rank to all ranged units, +5% loot when raiding enemy territories
  • Smugglers of the Five Foot Way:Located in the new Yunnan commandery. Increases the Nanman Slingers and Fire Archers unit cap by +2, +25% to commerce, silk and spice income, +5% loot when raiding enemy territories
  • Thieves of Xiapi: Located in the new Xiapi commandery. Increases the Jian Sword Guard unit cap by +1, increases satisfaction by +4 to all characters, +15% income from commerce and industry

Besides the new technologies, we have also made the following changes to the existing map:

  • Some of the existing nodes in the Nanman region of the map now unlock Nanman units instead of Han-Chinese units. These updated nodes are Confederation of the Five Valleys, White Cranes, Seeds of Yelang, and Red River Hegemony
  • The Seeds of Yelang node has received a change to its icon and effect to reflect its new unit unlock. It now gives -5% recruitment cost to all melee unit instead of all spear units
  • The Filial and Corrupt technology’s effect of increased income from commerce and industry has been transferred to the new Thieves of Xiapi technology
  • The Scions of the Minyue technology have been removed from the game, as it unlocked a special unit, the Yue Remenant Warriors. To preserve the overall total number of recruitable Yue Remenant Warriors, the technologies Blades of the Yuyue and Redemption of the Nanyue now each give +3 Yue Remenant Warriors unit cap instead of just +2
  • The Lords of Gouding technology have been removed from the game
  • Capturing regions in the new commandry of Liaodong will make the bandit technology Wuhuan of Liaodong faster to research



We’ve changed the behaviour of ranged units when you are attacking in ambush battles. Previously they would start with fire at will on, but not fire until the player gave an attack order. Now, they will start with fire at will off, but will open fire at any units in range once it is switched on


  • Increased crossbow range. Crossbows now fire at 220 range and 250 for elite crossbows. They were probably reduced too much, along with forcing them into a low firing arc. This should be a nice middle point
  • Increased all missile bonus versus cavalry from 45 to 52. This should make missile troops slightly more powerful against cavalry
  • Heavy Tiger and Leopard Cavalry
    • Body armour changed from 32 to 45 to better represent their visual armour
    • Recruitment cost decreased from 1650 to 1275
    • Upkeep cost decreased from 440 to 340
  • Tiger and Leopard Cavalry
    • Body armour changed from 20 to 26 to better represent their visual armour
    • Recruitment cost decreased from 1425 to 1100
    • Upkeep cost decreased from 380 to 290

New unit type


The Juggernauts are a dramatic, some might even say combustive, unit. A fearsome foe on any battlefield, this unit does come with some drawbacks. They may be able to wipe out men at close range but getting them in position can be a challenge.

  • The Juggernaut is a very short-ranged artillery that are very deadly to enemies at close range
  • They can be a real challenge to use as they are slow to reach their mark
  • They have a relatively good protection from missile fire
  • They have bad morale and are very vulnerable once engaged in melee combat

UI quality of life improvements

Loading saves

  • Overall performance increase to previewing saves in the load game screen – you should see a reduced time in opening the screen when having hundreds of saves
  • You will now be warned when loading saves from previous versions of the game

Events and Missions

  • Added character portrait and faction flag for certain missions to help to identify targets faster

Custom Battle

  • Improved locked states for not-owned characters. Now it is easy to distinguish them from owned characters and you can see a tooltip with the DLC name that you need to get to unlock character


  • You can now make a custom colour profile and change common colours (generally diplomacy colours) to your liking


  • You can now choose whether characters live forever or not
    • This is an option in the campaign selection screen
    • Age/dates now replace with showing turns alive or turns progressed
    • Characters can still die in battle with this option enabled
    • Children will still show ages until they come of age, and will then show turns alive
  • Exposed quick deal negotiation deal evaluation totals so the player can see the “worth” of a quick deal. Stops the need to switch back and forth to the real negotiation screen.
  • Missions that have building chains as objectives will now show the corresponding icons
  • Missions that have Faction targets will now show the flag and leader more clearly

Bug fixes


  • Fixed crash when clicking on the benchmark or changing hotkeys when playing in languages like Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean
  • Fixed crash that could happen in siege battles involving large armies


  • Fixed issue where Yellow Turban factions did not have access to the right diplomatic options when they reached Ascended rank
  • Form Empire diplomacy option tooltip now correctly states it requires a certain faction rank
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to make peace in an alliance war after an Empire is dissolved
  • Fixed issue where accepting a Mercenary Contract and then completing it on the same turn had the UI for Mercenary Contracts to remain at the top of the screen
  • Fixed issue where issuing a failed ultimatum resulted in two war deals being signed
  • Fixed issue where Yuan Shao’s diplomacy deal component to transition an alliance/coalition to an empire could be proposed multiple times
  • Fixed issue where, as Zheng Jiang, signing a tribute deal to end a war did not sign peace with the target’s vassals
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to do war co-ordination with factions that had been kicked from or left an empire
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to propose Request Allied Support treaties without a majority vote, leading to attitude penalties but no war
  • The required faction-rank in order to make coalitions, military alliances, and vassalage are now also shown on the faction rank
  • The Coalition to Alliance diplomacy option was unlocking before you had access to alliances. It now correctly unlocks once the player has access to alliance deals
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to trade more ancillaries than the player actually had


  • Fixed Yuan Yi having Yellow Turban ranks
  • Fixed issue where Sun Jian was missing Jade Seal in multiplayer campaigns
  • Fixed issue where new characters added with A World Betrayed did not belong to any of the three court factions for Liu Hong when recruited by him
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Zhou Yu’s were spawning from two different events
  • Fixed issue where Zhou Tai could spawn twice, and fixed issue where his mission was not always triggering properly if player saved and loaded the campaign as Sun Ce
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Lu Mengs could appear
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Gan Nings could appear
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Gong Dus could appear
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Yue Jins could appear
  • Fixed issue where duplicate Xiahou Duns could appear
  • Fixed issue where the Qiao sisters’ battle ability (Qiao Sisters) didn’t work
  • Fixed issue where the Two Zhang’s battle ability didn’t work
  • Fixed issue where the Poison Shot didn’t appear for Zhang Yan’s archers in Custom Battle
  • Fixed issue where the Poison Shot didn’t appear for Zheng Jiang’s archers in Custom Battle
  • Fixed issue where the Poison Shot didn’t appear for Yan Yu’s archers in Custom Battle
  • Duplicate Guan Yus and Zhang Feis no longer appear in the Mandate of Heaven campaign


  • Fixed around 100 errors/logic issues with setup of various events from all DLCs
  • Made underlying systems behind character creation more stable, which should lead to fewer broken characters in new campaigns
  • Fixed issue where AI Han factions were able to recruit Yellow Turban characters post battle and vice versa
  • Removed ability for Yellow Turban factions to Grant Independence to Administrators as this caused multiple issues
  • Faction support icon is showing correctly again for province capitals on province panel
  • Fixed issue where the public order effects from Troubled and Unhappy were the wrong way round
  • The effects that gave campaign movement range in own territory were not applying correctly, these have been replaced with bonuses to campaign movement speed
  • Yuan Shu now gains Legitimacy for every faction rank, previous each rank gave +2, now it is +2, +4, +6, +8 and +10 for each rank in turn
  • Fixed issue where Ma Teng’s mission in A World Betrayed said survive until Autumn 196 CE but completed in Spring 196 CE, it now says survive until Spring 196 CE and completes on that turn
  • Trading with the Han Empire became more stable economy wise during the first few turns
  • Fixed a bug where some AI factions (Shi Xie, Huang Zu) were unable to construct temple buildings
  • Fixed an issue in 194 CE/A World Betrayed which was causing some bandit resource settlements to begin abandoned when they should not be
  • Some ancillaries, which should have been, were untradeable in diplomacy – this is now fixed
  • Fixed issue where it was possible for some Governor factions to become Emperor without other factions declaring Emperor first
  • Fixed issue where Liu Chong and Lu Zhi’s achievements weren’t being unlocked correctly
  • Fixed an issue where up to 10 of certain unique armour ancillaries could be spawned into campaign when they should be unique
  • Fixed issue where it was possible for armies to replenish on rivers in Double Time stance
  • Fixed issue where Liu Chong’s Build Your Future mission in the Mandate campaign was not completable if you ranked up too quickly before it was issued
  • Fixed issue where Gongsun Zan lost his Inspector positions when becoming Emperor and so added a scroll bar to the bottom of the Imperial Court screen to allow both Inspectors and Administrators to be seen
  • Fixed issue where Liu Biao loses his unique court positions when he becomes Emperor
  • Fixed issue where Administrator positions could be lost when becoming King/Emperor
  • Fixed issue where the Replenish Supplies assignment was not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed issue where Invoke Council button wasn’t being unlocked at correct faction level
  • The Tool Manufacturer building now correctly distributes its corruption bonuses to adjacent provinces
  • Resolved an issue where Yellow Turban diplomatic options could be relocked after gaining them via progression level if the user saved and reloaded their game
  • Fixed issue where certain books for Lu Zhi could not be unlocked
  • Fixed issue where Dong Zhou would die immediately after hiring Diaochan in multiplayer campaigns


  • Fixed issue where family tree turns white if there are lots of members in the family tree and the player scrolls left or right
  • Fixed issue in the Court where when assigning characters to positions previously previewed characters would sometimes appear behind the current previewed character
  • Fixed issue where the rank icon numbers in the Eight Princes campaign were in the wrong order
  • Changed icon for Zhou Tai’s Undying Vow ability to match the fact it is now an active ability
  • Fixed issue where the number icons next to faction ranks in the Eight Princes campaign were not matching up correctly
  • Fixed issue where the faction support icon was not being shown on the commandery panel for commandery capitals
  • Fixed issue where hitting the Escape key on the Court panel would often open the Escape Options menu instead of closing the panel
  • Fixed issue where clicking the Close button in diplomacy often wouldn’t close the panel, and would act as if it was a Cancel button
  • Fixed issue where negative Faction Support effects weren’t showing up in the Occupation Options after a siege
  • Fixed issue where character stats on the information panel wouldn’t always update when hovering over many in succession
  • Fixed issue where character stats on the character details panel wouldn’t always update when changing equipment
  • Fixed general’s portrait appearing behind Steam avatar in multiplayer Custom Battle lobby.
  • Increased width of the name field for save file name to fix text bleeding in certain localisations
  • Fixed issue when Yellow Turban text was bleeding in campaign map tooltip in Spanish localisations
  • Updated military supplies icon and added tooltip for supplies bar as well as fixed overlap between long faction name and military supplies bar in post-battle screen in campaign
  • Fixed text bleeding for Trade tooltip in Treasury panel for certain localisations
  • Fixed issue with black texture of the bottom part of special events, when sometimes it appeared invisible or with some render issues
  • Fixed issue when character image was pushed from event background popup by long event name
  • Fixed overlap between region icon and region name in commanderies list in Undercover Network panel
  • Weapon tooltips will now display any contact abilities they may provide
  • Fixed issue where AI settlements would sometimes be incorrectly marked as capitals after the end turn sequence


  • Fixed issue where some Yellow Turban units could be invincible in battle when healing
  • Fixed issue where characters with healing abilities could end up fighting headless if they are beheaded in battle but still healing, this is now no longer possible
  • Fixed issue where some characters with Unbreakable were routing incorrectly

Source: Press Release

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