Total World War Officially Announced With Awesome Trailer

Total World War fight

Game developer Zero Games Studios recently released a brand new trailer to announce a brand new turn-based strategy game called Total World War.

Total World War has familiar gameplay

The upcoming turn-based strategy game is set in the modern era and features some real political figures, but in different names. It also has some familiar gameplay, which is just like Advance Wars.

The game allows four players to fight on an isometric battleground with these players moving across various hexagonal tiles. They will also engage in combat with enemy forces in a side to side screen transition, just like in Advance Wars.

The political leaders in this game will make fun with their opponents in their own campaigns. It offers deep gameplay, but it is also friendly to beginners. It allows them to have different kinds of strategies in order to win the round.

There is also a dynamic weather system like clear skies, rain, fog, snow, and storms. There are 50 unique maps and over 50 different unit models.

The game features combos and each army will have its own special weapons to use. It is a particularly interesting way to make battles more intense to play.

This new title will launch by the end of this year. It will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Check out the trailer below:

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