Trails of Cold Steel I and II Launches on Nintendo Switch Soon

Game company Nihon Falcom has announced the official release dates of the upcoming Nintendo Switch versions of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I: Kai – Thors Military Academy 1204 and The Erebonian Civil War.

trails of cold steel

According to the media outlet Gamer, Cold Steel I Switch Version will be released on July 8 in Japan and Asian countries. Cold Steel II Switch Version will be launched on August 5 in the same regions. Both versions will be based on the PlayStation 4 release, which is the best one so far.

The PS4 version had many improvements compared to the previous ones. This feature is the high-skip mode, which allows faster speeds in walking around the map, combat and dialogue. No word on the western release of both Switch versions though, but the Asian versions should have English subtitles and menus.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II are already available on PS3, PS Vita, PS4, PC, and coming to Nintendo Switch.

Source: Siliconera via  Gamer, 2