Trajectory Shooter DDTank Receives Massive 2.0 Update

Game Hollywood and Proficient City are proud to announce that the incredibly popular trajectory shooter DDTank has leveled up to Version 2.0! Players must now face a new, terrifying world boss, reap the benefits of revamped enchant and absorb systems, open mysterious Magic Pots, and fight across the game’s many servers with the arrival of full cross-server battles.

Players all over the globe engage in artful trajectory-based combat in real time. Set in an adorable, cartoon-like world, DDTank allows players to choose a server and enjoy multiple battle modes – inviting friends to play along or competing against others in PvP. It’s imperative to take factors such as wind speed, power, and angle of fire into consideration if the goal is to strike swiftly and accurately!

New Features
It had to happen eventually: The diabolical Gulu have recruited the aid of a monstrous dragon! Players will be given one chance to battle this new World Boss every three hours. All players on the same server will fight the same dragon – making it one epic instance for everyone involved. If players successfully slay the dragon, it’s not time to celebrate just yet: After just one minute, the dragon respawns . . . with more health and better loot.

Cross-server battles have been added! It is now possible to compete against opponents on other servers to increase rank. (A higher rank will have access to better belts and special necklaces, which can increase speed.)

New enchantments are here! In previous builds, players used currency and items in order to enchant an item to a higher level. With the new-and-improved system, a failed enchantment will decrease the item’s level – making the process even more nerve wracking.

The previous system allowed players to combine up to four items to create a new one. In the update, the system is more efficient: There is a primary item that can absorb others – allowing the item to take on certain traits without losing its own unique quality.

Enter the Magic Pots. When open, they reveal rare items and ever-so-valuable points – which are used to purchase other items!

DDTank 2.0 is finally here,” says Xitou Lee, COO of Proficient City. “We’ve worked hard to take the game to the next level with a brand new World Boss, updated enchant and absorb systems, and the long-awaited arrival of cross-server battles. Who’s up for teaching those nasty Gulu a lesson they won’t soon forget?”

Key Features

  • Experience a perfect port of the world’s cutest trajectory shooter.
  • Enjoy PvP combat against real players in real time.
  • Triumph over your frenemies in the DDTank Hall of Fame.
  • Team up with your friends to defeat the devious Gulu.
  • Collect more than 300 outfits.
  • Play online and offline; you can play anywhere, anytime.
  • Find true love with the innovative marriage system.
  • Arm yourself with darts, lasers, plungers and dozens of other “so cute it hurts”-type weapons.
  • Explore mysterious fortresses, travel to distant worlds, and challenge powerful enemies!

Watch the trailer here:

DDTank is available on Android and iOS. The game is free-to-play and contains sensible in-app purchases if players want to accelerate progress.

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