Trendy Entertainment Releases Foundation: Part 2 Update for ‘Dungeon Defenders II’

Dungeon Defenders 2: Foundation: Part 2

Trendy Entertainment continues to use community feedback to improve its action/tower defense game, Dungeon Defenders II, currently on Steam Early Access, with today’s release of the Foundation: Part 2 content update. The new patch introduces Hard Mode, which lets players take on more difficult versions of stages for greater rewards, as well as player vote kicking to better manage griefers in game. Furthermore, Foundation: Part 2 adds new weapons, improves the inventory management system (with requested-by-everyone ‘sell all’ feature), and further balances the game.

Last month’s well-received Foundation: Part 1 update brought new Incursion maps, Legendary Weapons, daily missions, Challenges and Steam Achievements to Dungeon Defenders II. Most importantly, it streamlined progression through Campaign Mode to reduce grind to let players to the endgame faster, and rolled in multiple balance adjustments to make defenses much more powerful.

The next major content update for Dungeon Defenders II, currently in production, will introduce the pet system and much, much more.

Dungeon Defenders II is a third-person action-strategy role-playing game featuring both single-player and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. It adds new loot, abilities, enemies and an elemental combo system to the classic Dungeon Defenders experience, challenging players to build up their heroes and defenses to protect Etheria from the Old Ones’ armies.

Dungeon Defenders II is out now on PC via Steam Early Access for $24.99. An upgraded Collector’s Edition bundle with exclusive skins and more is also available. It will eventually launch as a free-to-play title, supported by ethical in-game purchases, on PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation®4.

For more information as the game progresses, please visit their website, and follow along at their Facebook and Twitter accounts.