Twisted Metal TV Series Preview Trailer Features Sweet Tooth and John Doe Fight

That thong tho tho tho thong!

A new Twisted Metal TV series preview trailer was shown on the Summer Game Fest and it features fan-favorite character Sweet Tooth.

Twisted Metal TV Series Fight Off

The latest preview trailer for the Twisted Metal TV series features the sadistic and murderous clown Sweet Tooth and he is fighting against the show’s protagonist, John Doe, portrayed by Anthony Mackie. It seems they are inside a casino, so it is possible they are in Las Vegas in this scene.

Sing the Thong Song

Sweet Tooth seems to be angry with John Doe, which he amply beats up. The clown corners him on a slot machine and smashes his face on the display. He then plays Sisqo’s famous song “Thong Song” and sings along with it while beating John Doe up. To his surprise, his victim is also singing the song and finally lets him talk to explain himself.

Twisted Metal TV series is set to release on July 27, 2023 by Peacock.