Ubisoft Now Moving On From Releasing 3-4 AAA Games a Year


Game company Ubisoft will now be changing their format in releasing their games soon due to the times.

A recent financial conference call for investors and analysts revealed that the game company is now shifting their gears. Chief Officer Frederick Duguet shared some of their plans for the future.

Duguet revealed that “in light of the evolution of the company’s high-quality lineup” that has increased quite a lot now and very diverse, it is now “moving on” from releasing 3-4 AAA games every year.

There are also upcoming “high-end free-to-play games” and they are seem become like Triple-A games in the long terms.

Duguet did clarify that this is just an upgrade of its financial communication. Ubisoft still expects to have its studios deliver high content quality in the future and that includes “powerful premium and free-to-play releases”. They are also going to focus more on its biggest franchises as part of the post-launch plans.

Source: Twinfinite