Ubisoft Developed Games Now Branded as Ubisoft Originals

The Division Heartland

After the announcement of the new Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, game company Ubisoft has revealed the new branding of their titles developed by their own: Ubisoft Originals.

Media outlet Eurogamer recently reached out to the publisher after the reveal of Heartland last week. The inquired about the new label that appeared together with the announcement and thought it was just some fancy labeling.

“Moving forward ‘The Ubisoft Original’ mention is attached to all of Ubisoft’s games created in-house by our talented developers,” a Ubisoft representative told Eurogamer.

This would be a way for them to differentiate titles that were developed by their in-house studios and others that have been made by external ones.

Source: Eurogamer