Ubisoft Singapore Currently Under Investigation for Alleged Discrimination and Harassment

Anonymous reports have come in and have alleged the game company of workplace misconduct and sexual harassment.

Singapore’s watchdog is currently investigating Ubisoft Singapore for alleged discrimination and harassment.

The studio behind the delayed video game Skull and Bones is currently under investigation from the country’s government agency that handles fair employment practices over discrimination and sexual harassment allegations.

Media outlet The Strait Times reported that the ones handling the investigation is The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices or Tafep for short. It has been receiving anonymous complaints from staff about sexual harassment and workplace misconduct.

Tafep is now urging those who knows about these discrimination and harassment. They want these individuals to immediately report to them or to the police.

It was revealed that last August 6, 2021, Managing Director Darryl Long stated that it is very important that everyone should talk about these things and should acknowledge of it happening in the gaming industry. He also urged that everyone should change the way they are perceived and the way the act internally.

Ubisoft Singapore has not made a statement in regards to this new investigation.