Ubisoft to Skip Hosting Own Show This Month

No show this E3 season.


Ubisoft has now confirmed that it will be skipping the supposedly E3 period this year and will not be joining the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2022 showcase.

The publisher has usually hosted its own event yearly, but this time it seems they will not be doing one. This has been expected by everyone though as Ubisoft lately has not been revealing enough content to showcase for a show.

Media outlet Axios recently shared an article regarding what other companies are doing right now for the upcoming season and it seems to be a little “quiet” this year. One of those companies they reached out to was Ubisoft. They reached out to the big publisher and a representative shared some details.

According to the Ubisoft representative, the company will not have a showcase this month for this year. This is quite the rare occurrence since it usually hosts one during E3 season, but since there is little to show and maybe because E3 is not happening again, it might as well not have a show. The representative did say that they will be hosting one later this year.

Ubisoft might be making more announcements soon and if they can have enough games to tease, then the showcase could happen afterwards.

It is just like what Axios says: it’s a little quieter this season.