Valve Removes 1000 Games From Steam After Abuse From Publishers


Game company Valve has recently removed 1000 games from the gaming platform Steam as a publisher abused the Steamworks feature.

Valve making 1000 games vanish into thin air

Steam Tools, an app that has records on games going in and out, recently recorded about 1000 games getting suddenly removed from the Steam platform. It appears that these banned games were sketchy from the start, but there were some fairly normal games there, and some even stayed on Steam for many months, even years.

None of the games removed were mainstream ones. There is some news about what these games come from.

According to a recent report, game developer Alexandra Frock stated that most of the banned games that were removed were linked to a single Russian publisher named Dagestan Technology. It seemed to be operating under a large number of different names. Selecting related apps for the individual listings of banned games would reveal how they were connected.

Some of the connections in the related games list would not be obvious right away, but it does not a bit of digging before the connections is seen.

Valve did not reveal any specifics on the involved companies or their transgressions, but they indirectly confirmed that it is not just Dagestan that was involved. This is where they confirmed that some publishers were abusing some Steamworks tools and have emailed all of the affected partners.

Source: Steam Tools

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