Vampire Survivors Director’s Cut Footage Confirmed by Devs

More content is coming, Poncle assures!

It has been confirmed by Studio Poncle that the Vampire Survivors Director’s Cut footage was real.

Vampire Survivors Director’s Cut is Real

Author and Accessibility Consultant Laura Kate Dale posted in early August 2023 on Twitter that she attended an event for Vampire Survivors’ upcoming co-op mode. She was pulled aside to look at a different version of the game which was the Director’s Cut. It included “wild new characters, stages, weapons, accessories, and evolutions”.

Developers Confirmed in Update

Poncle has recently posted on the game’s Steam update and it made a reference to the new version, confirming that the Director’s cut was real.

“Did you see any of the Director’s Cut footage online?” the update asks. “That’s something we’ve been doing in most events (since TGS 2022) – hiding some of the future content for the game in plain sight, but this time it blew up online!

“While the actual menu screen might never appear in game, all the new content shown in that version is scheduled to be fully developed and released in future free updates.”

New Trailer

Finally, a real trailer of the rumored Director’s Cut has been posted together in the Steam update. It showed some of the content in the new version and it was a sneak peek of the upcoming new characters and weapons that are getting developed for 2023 and beyond.

Poncle has not revealed the release date for this new content, but these will be introduced slowly later this year and beyond.