Vampire Survivors Version 1.6 Local Co-Op Now Available

Play on Nintendo Switch too!

poncle has recently announced that the most awaited Vampire Survivors Version 1.6 local co-op is finally here.

Vampire Survivors Version 1.6 is Now Live

The developers have confirmed that Vampire Survivors now has a new game engine. This will finally introduce the most-anticipated local co-op feature which can be played together with a friend via couch co-op. The game is also launching on Nintendo Switch today.

Local Co-Op Now Available

Players can now play the whole of Vampire Survivors including DLC packs in 4 player local co-op today. Players only need is one controller per player and then they can add up to three extra people on the character select screen and continue to play through their missions, hunt achievements, and more with friends in tow.

Players can choose from various options to customize their co-op games such as colored outlines for their character and indicators. The developers also added some small multiplayer-specific mechanics like The Friendship Amulet.

Official Online Multiplayer Still in the Works

Online multiplayer is still in the works but do not expect it to launch anytime soon. The developers suggest unofficial solutions like Steam Remote Play and others.

Nintendo Switch Version Now Available

The game is also out now on Nintendo Switch. Player up to 4 players in co-op with all the updates included in this version. It will have the same price as the Steam version.

Cross-Save Soon

Cross-save is being worked on but it is still in the works. The developers have made some saves work but they want to do more tests to make sure.

New Game Engine on Steam

Vampire Survivors on Steam now has a new game engine and will be running in parallel with the original one.

Vampire Survivors is out now on PC, mobile, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and recently on Nintendo Switch.